1.The College library shall be opened every school day from 9:00am to 12 noon and from 1:20 pm to 4:00pm Mondays to Fridays only.

2. It shall be opened on Saturday for cleaning and arranging of its assets only. Specifically, no borrowing, reading or referencing  shall take place on Saturdays by students or staff members.

3. During daily lunch periods it shall be closed but school’s  Academic group shall create a Press Room mode outside the library ( in one of the special rooms) for reading of newspapers, magazines etc. by students and staff members.

4. Between 9:00am and 4:00pm daily librarians shall use their discretion to keep the library opened or closed in accordance to any inconvenience experienced by students or  staff members. However the library shall be closed if 2  generators installed by the school nearby are in use.


5. The Library is the BRAIN of the school and it plays an indispensable role in accomplishing its aims. In order to perform its functions to the satisfaction of students and staff members it needs their understanding and cooperation. The following rules of conduct are meant to spell out in practical terms what we consider as the GOLDEN RULES of the college Library.

6. Students or staff members must sign in and sign out at the librarians’ desk when entering or exiting the library.

7. Observe silence.Idle conversation, loud laughter and other unnecessary noise disturbs other library users and therefore should be avoided. Talking out of necessity must be done in subdued tones. The library atmosphere must be conducive for studying or referencing.

8. Keep the library clean. Do not litter tables with any waste and paper scraps. Use the trash baskets      provided for the purpose.

9.  Eating, drinking and sleeping in the library shall not be allowed.

10. Keep things in order. When you leave arrange/clear your table. Put your chair against the table and avoid obstruction of movement by other users.

11. Return all newspapers, magazines and other materials ( usually located on the central operational table) back to where they were collected from.

12. Handle both books and other library materials with care. They are intended to serve a great many users after you.


13. Only students and staff with the school I.D card shall be allowed in the library. Where a student or staff is yet to be issued with such a card, a written authorization in the daily admin work done or the operational books of the library shall be obtained from school Management.

14. All I.D cards shall be properly counter–signed by authorised management staff and shall be laminated. Such cards shall not be transferable by students or staff members. All library assets taken out or used within the library through such cards shall make the owner liable for any inappropriate handling. Such cards shall be submitted to  librarians each day before library use by both students and staff members. They shall also be collectible when exiting the library. Torn, dirty or mutilated cards shall be rejected and shall not be honored until replaced by the school.


15. No bag, envelope, briefcase or any sort of container (nylon or otherwise) shall be allowed in the library.If deposited anywhere outside the library it shall not be the responsibility of the Librarians for any loss of valuables or  disappearance.

16. Every library user shall subject himself or herself to a personal search on the request of any Librarian.

17. No delinquent borrower or user shall be allowed to use the library and its resources unless he/she has settled all debts due to the library for materials, lost, defaced, damaged, torn, etc.

 18. Any person who willfully or maliciously tear, deface, injure or destroy any print or non- print materials or carry away with intent to convert to his or her personal  use any of the library collections and assets shall be punished by suspension or expulsion by the school as the case may be or by a fine exceeding the current price of the library asset in question and shall be recommended by the Librarians to  Management for final disciplinary action.

19. A lost book must be reported immediately to the Librarians, and in the case of students, parents too. The student or staff responsible for the loss shall be expected to replace the lost book with a new one or pay an equivalent sum for a new acquisition within 7 days of such a report being made.


20. Library assets shall be allowed to be taken out/home as stated under the rules for Novel Summary Scheme. Any Librarian found  discouraging students from home reading shall be penalized. The maximum numbers of books allowed are stated in the write-up for the Novel Summary scheme (please see the relevant write-up on this).

21. The Alumni of the school shall be allowed to borrow books for use within the library too. The rules for this and the use of Bookends, our public external library(now known as LAGOS BOOKS CLUB), are also stated in the write-up for the Novel Summary scheme.

22. Students who were in PASS Tutorial College or Mason 6th Form College shall be allowed after leaving the school only with express permission of the Director. Those of them who qualified/ collected testimonials of the school may however be authorized by the school management,who shall thereafter inform the Director.


23. No teacher, Management Staff or the Academic Group shall be allowed to send students or classes of students to the library for “study” or “research/reference” purposes as replacement for regular or remedial periods.

24. Where tutors or the Academic Group require that a class be engaged in group/class  research in the library notice shall be given in advance through the school requisition file or Academic Work Done at least 24 hours prior to the event . The Librarians shall also be informed about the requisition made. Once approved, the use of the library by other students and staff shall be blocked by Librarians for the class during the period covered by such a request is over.

25. The library personnel are empowered to enforce the rules and regulations of the library as stated herein. They shall be accorded the courtesy and respect they deserve. The rules and regulations they enforce are not their own but those of the Mason College Group. They are permitted to report any uncooperative student or staff to school management.

26. No violation of any of these regulations by students or staff members shall lead to an exclusion or forgiveness on a plea of ignorance.


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