1.    Which number should come next? 144, 121, 100, 81, 64? ______________
2.    HAND is to GLOVE  as HEAD is to _______________
3.    Which of these five is least like the other four. Horse, Kangaroo, Cow, Deer, Donkey
4.    LIVED is to DEVIL as 6332 is to
5.    If you arrange the letters “ANLDEGN” you would have the name of  _____________
6.    If some WICKS are SLICKS and SLICKS are SNICKS then some WICKS are ____________
7.    A boy is 4 years old and his sister is three times as old as he is. When the boy is 12 yrs old how old will his sister be?
8.    Two girls caught 25 frogs. Laide caught four times as many as Chinazor did. How many frogs did each girl catch ____________
9.    A car traveled 28 miles in 30 minutes. How many miles per hour was it travelling? ____________
10.    If all ZIPS are ZOODLES and all ZOODLES  are ZONKERS then all ZIPS are ____________
11.    Shade is both 50th best and the 50th worst students at her school how many students attend the school?
12.    The branch of maths which deals with unknown is ____________
13.    ___________ is the earliest branch of maths that was developed.
14.    ___________ is the branch of maths dealing with uncertainties.
15.    Data that is gathered for processing is called ______________

To pass maths a student must

16.    Know the __________ of maths.
17.    Know the ___________ types.

Maths etiquette includes

18.    Consistency of _________ signs.
19.    Putting __________  at the end of each answer.
20.    Separating questions from each other by ___________
21.    Which is the odd number out of 3469, 2578, 4579, 1489, 3547, 3679, 1248.
22.    What is the next number in the series 1,3,6,10
23.    __________ is the word used to exit from a computer program.
24.    __________ is the word used when we press and release the mouse button.
25.    __________ is the port at the rear end of a computer into which a device such as a printer or a modem can be plugged.
26.    __________ means connecting machines and programmes to operate a computer system.
27.    __________ is a program that is restricted in some way but still allows or shows a potential user the main  features of the program.
28.    A program that promotes the  capabilities of the operating system to allow hardware devices such as mouse, Cd Rom drive, printer, or hard disk to work with the computer  is known as ____________
29.    A diagnostic program is designed  to test your computer and operating system for ____________
30.    A dim is a small circuit board containing RAM chips that increases the amount of memory available to a computer. True/False? ___________
31.    The time  a computer equipment is not available for use because of hardware software malfunction is called _______________________
32.    To hold a selected area of a text and move it to another file is called _____________ and ______________
33.    To change or alter text, graphics or rules that appear in a file is to ________ the file.
34.    To carry out the individual steps mapped out by a program in a computer is to ______________
35.    A Bus is a computer term for a channel through which _________ passes to a processor or to expansion cards.
36.    A __________ is the smallest unit of information in a digital computer which has a value of 0 as 1 that represents YES/NO and OTHER/OR CHOICES.
37.    The main circuit board for a computer is called ____________
38.    The table of contents of a computer file system that allows convenient access to  specific files is called its __________________
39.    A collection of 8 binary digits is called __________________
40.    A grouping of personal computers that are linked by cables within a restricted area called ________________
41.    A “low resolution” monitor means one with low quality or one with low radiation affecting the eyes. Choose one.
42.    Give the brand name of one computer printer you know.
43.    Another name for Laptops is _________________
44.    What is the full meaning of WI-FI __________________
45.    LINUX is another operating system like Windows. True or False?
46.    What is the full meaning of U.S.B? ________________________
47.    What is the full meaning of V.P.N? ________________________
48.    CHECKDISK is part of the preventative routine for a system. True/False.
49.    Name 2 web browsers you know ________________________
50.    Name 2  media players popular on operating systems ___________________   _________________
51.    Use BODMAS to solve the following within 60 secs 8 × 6 – 4 × 3 × 5 + 7 – 8 = ___________
52.    SOHCAHTOA is the acronym used for solving problems of triangles in a branch of maths called _________________
53.    One example of a 2 – dimensional flat surface is ________________
54.    One example of a 3- dimensional object is ____________________
55.    Which branch of mathematics relates to set theory and logic ______________
56.    Understanding basic concepts and ______________ is crucial for unlocking the doors and windows of maths.
57.    The origin of maths can be traced to music, fine-arts, games poetry, astronomy, sculpting and engineering. All True or False? _________________
58.    To make maths student-friendly it can be taught with Bingo, as Speed Maths, Kitchen Maths, Money Maths, Logical Puzzles. True or False? _________________
The 6 procedural steps for maths solutions are
59.       ______________________________________
60.       ______________________________________
61.       ______________________________________
62.       ______________________________________
63.       ______________________________________
64.       ______________________________________
3 other branches of mathematics not covered by questions 12, 14 and 55 above are:
65.       ______________________________________
66.       ______________________________________
67.       ______________________________________
68.    Two important  laws under  maths are the RULE OF ___________ AND THE LAW OF ________________
69.    EVALUATE, SIMPLIFY, FACTORISE, CALCULATE, FIND, EXPRESS are 6 key terms commonly used for questions under ______________

70.    Must be able to recognize signs, _____________ and notations
71.    Must be able to memorize as many _____________ as possible

Maths etiquette also include
72.    Writing the final  answer with _____________ lines
73.    Quoting appropriate _____________ that supports your answer
74.    Drawing of tables and _________________ which are compulsory
75.    ________________ jumping of steps
76.    Approximating answers before the _______________answer should be avoided
77.    To make sense out of mathematics you must CATEGORIZE, EMPHASIZE, VISUALIZE, CRYSTALIZE, RECOGNIZE AND ___________________
78.    How many years make one GENERATION __________________
79.    Rearrange RETARD  to  form a profession ____________________
80.    Rearrange LEADER to form another word _____________________
81.    Rearrange CRANED to form a profession ________________________
82.    Rearrange TROUT to form a profession ___________________________

83.    The full meaning of DOS is _______________________

84.    The full meaning of RAM is ______________________

85.    The full meaning of ROM is ______________________

86.    The part of the computer which controls other parts is __________________

87.    Express the Roman figure CXLIV in numerals ____________________

88.    Add 5 to 9 + 99 + 9999 and subtract 2 __________________________

89.    The current operating system of Microsoft in the market is called ________________

90.    One popular search engine on the  net is ______________________

91.    The name of the shortcut of items on the computer screen is called _______________

92.    A router enables you to share ____________ among your network of computers

93.    The wizard of creating shortcut helps you to create shortcuts to local or network __________ files, folders, computers on internet addresses

94.    To send or receive mail on the computer system you should check the ______ icon on the desktop to open the homepage

95.    Once on the net, you can buy or sell products or items all over the world from/to many customers ( True r False)_____________

96.    The act of backing up/transferring files on CDs to VCD is called ___________

97.    A person who logs into your PC or Network without your knowledge is called ____________

98.    A ______________ is the protection that monitors communication between your network and the outside world.

99.    The currency of Ghana is ________________________

100.    Which West African country uses BUTUT?

The two lists of web terms below are related or linked. Find he most appropriate terms on the right-hand side for those on the left-hand side eg. If E under list 2 is appropriate for Q101 then write your answer as 101E.

List 1                                                                      List 2                                  ANSWERS
101.    INTERNET BROWSING                    A                 SPAM                                _____________
102.    INTERNET SECURITY                       B                  E-BAY                                _____________
103.    INTERNET SPEED                             C                  HACKER                            _____________
104.    INTERNET WORMS                         D                  FIREWALL                         _____________
105.    INTERNET CONNECTION                E                  HOSTING                           _____________
106.    INTERNET SPYWARE                       F                  COOKIES                            _____________
107.    INTERNET ADVERT                          G                 EXPLORER                          _____________
108.    INTERNET DOMAIN                         H                 E-SHOP                               _____________
109.    INTERNET AUCTION                         I                  BROADBAND                     _____________
110.    INTERNET COMMERCE                    J                  ONLINE                              _____________

Rearrange the following groups of words to form a profession

111.    RAMFER                                 __________________________
112.    RUSEN                                    __________________________
113.    KERBAN                                  __________________________
114.    LERCOB                                 __________________________
115.    RIVERD                                   __________________________
116.    ISINHAMCT                           __________________________
117.    TNTIDES                                __________________________
118.    AECRHET                               ________________________
119.    A decade is a periodic of 11 years. True or False ________________
120.    June is to July as _______________ is to May
121.    Uncle is to ______________________ as aunt is to Nice
122.    _____________ is to donkey as neigh is to horse
123.    Tear is to sorrow as smile is to ____________________
124.    Arrow is to bow as ________________ is to rifle
125.    Foot is to men as _______________ is to horse
126.    Wing is to bird as fin is to ______________________
127.    ____________________ is to cold as seldom is to often
128.    Picture is to _____________ as carpet is to floor
129.    Day is to week as ____________ is to year
130.    Rich is to poor as current is _______________
131.    Hearing is to ear as seeing is to ___________________
132.    Soldier is to _____________________ as sailor is to navy
133.    Wrist is to arm as ankle is to _____________________
134.    High is to low as ___________________ is to down
135.    North is to ____________________ as east is to west
136.    One is to single as two is to _________________________
137.    Table is to wood as window is to ___________________________
138.    Aso Rock is to President as ________________ is to Pope
139.    Eat is to ______________ as go is to went
140.    ___________________ are to birds as scales are to fish
141.    Name two materials you need for Maths continuous study.
142.    Circle, Diameter, Radius are concepts belonging to the branch of Maths known as __________
143.    A system or computer that is easy to use is described as ________________
144.    ____________________ is the data given out by a system
145.    ____________________ is the description of the work by a system.
146.    Atiku and Babangida race each other over 100 metres. Babangida outran Atiku by 10metres. They decided to race again but this time to even things up Babangida begins 10 metres behind the starting line. Assuming that both run at constant speed as before. Who will win?
147.    The total annual turnover or sales of Microsoft Company is higher than the total income of all Nigerian governments put together. True or False? ________________
148.    A number of pencils were shared out among Chukwu, Ahmed and Ayo in the ratio 2:3:5 respectively. If Chukwu got 10 pencils how many pencils were shared? ________________
149.    Find the value of  √ 9 × 49
150.    Find the simple interest on N600 for 5yrs at 9% per annum.

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