Everyday Grammar Mistakes to Avoid

Peaceful Restlessness

A few weeks ago, Nikolas Baron from Grammarly got in touch inquiring if I would want to collaborate and/or participate in a slogan contest. When I couldn’t come up with a slogan, I asked him – how about a GUEST POST on my blog? He graciously accepted. So here goes…

Greetings, fellow writers and editors. My name is Nick; I study the writing habits of people for a living. I use that knowledge to help improve the site I work for, Grammarly, but also to help writers the world over improve their skillsets.

I am here today to help the less nerdy of our collective. That’s right; I am talking about you—those countless people who chose to sit in the back during that college level grammar course. Yeah, you were captain of the basketball team and stole my girlfriend, but you still don’t understand the world of grammar, so I WIN.

My apologies—I still…

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