1.R.S is essentially a psychological effort. It is an attempt to make the student reach deeply into himself to bring out what he did not know really existed within. In some cases some of the students know they have the ability but are too lazy to make any serious attempt. In other cases the students involved flip-flop between average performance and just below average performance. Thus we have:
a). Strategic Students – Steady students
b). Reluctant Students – Flip-flop students needing frequent doses of Study & Exam Techniques.
c). Remedial Students – Director’s class students needing more basic & fundamental touches and approaches.
d). Public Exam Group – Those taking JAMB, SSCE NECO & JSCE

2.The focus on Flip-flop students shall be – Study and Examination Techniques, Personal Time Tables, Red Notes, Salvation Lines and Assignments.On the other hand, the focus of Director’s Class students shall be Math’s Clinic, English Lab, Motivational Discussions and Activities, Math’s Continuous Exercises, Red Notes and Salvations Lines. Their assignments shall concentrate on Math’s Clinic and English Lab exercises only.

3. The Director’s class is however a mix of poor old students and new students whose actual group are yet to be determined. It also includes students who might have autism, dyslexia, memory losses or other forms of ADD. All preparations shall comprehensively cover root causes of these problems. Reference work on the web by the Academic Group shall be needed to know more about some health – linked problems.

4.Our RS time-table had taken care of these four groups in 1(a)-(d) groups to a large extent and students could be told that there could be seasonal movement between 1(b) and 1(c). For sometime 1(a) students shall be mixed with 1(b) students in order to encourage the latter. It is to be noted too that some 1(b) students can fall into 1(c) through mid-term examinations if they perform poorly.

5.It  is also clear that the following tutors are the only ones ideal for remedial studies.
(a) Maths / English and RS Administrative staff for students categorized under 1(a), (b) (c).
(b) Subject tutors for students categorized under 1(d).

6.What is also obvious is that most of our permanent  tutors actually have nothing much to do with RS after 3pm except those mentioned above. They should therefore have time to prepare their lectures, lessons notes etc either at school (if they are permanent staff) or at home (if they are not).

7.No other effort shall be regarded as more important at Mason College than RS. It is the identity of the school. It is the school’s software. Other schools concentrate on the hardware such as buildings and buses but pay little attention to software except the so called lessons they have at the end of the day. If you go on the net you will realize that RS is far beyond the comprehension of these schools. It is a whole department in many faculties of Education in American Universities. They also constitute Doctorial Thesis for many PHD students. It is serious business and it is the basis of the AMP Program which Edupedia is trying to push into public schools.

8.For the Director’s RS programs only two of three periods are usually used leaving the first part to admin staff to arrange, organize, issue instructions, give assignments and collect assignments etc. i.e. to do any admin work necessary. Whether during the week or on Saturdays. It will usually be the same.

9.Those to handle RS must have an understanding of the nature of RS. They must have a burning desire to assist their students. They must not stereotype students as “never do well”. They must not accept tutors who say students don’t do well because “they don’t listen or study”. In Mason College it shall the business of tutors to make students listen and obey instructions in class. It is also their business to make lectures interesting and education generally attractive to students. Today students are too exposed or too distracted and this is due to no fault of theirs. RS has therefore become more and more important than many school proprietors and proprietresses seem to understand. Where R.S is properly grounded and effective the students would not need any assistance in the exam hall. A situation where exam malpractices continue to is a clear pointer that R.S is not effective. The R.S team must therefore see themselves as God’s Generals leading their students into academic battles.

10.Our R.S administrators must keep tutors regularly on their toes. Students must also be kept on their toes – sitting position, notes – writing,listening etc. must be valued-added services in our classrooms. Following up on assignments, writing practice, study and examination techniques etc. are for period after regular classes. The enthusiasm of R.S staff must be observable by students themselves and not by the Director only. Students must be given TOUGH LOVE but not by shouting and abuses. Aims and objectives for improving each student must be identified and constantly pursued each term. If visits to their homes are necessary then we must do so whether during the week or on Saturday s. R.S can be done anywhere at school or at home and the Director shall approve if informed. Parents are usually grateful for this.

11.R.S effort must be measurable in terms of what it sets out to achieve and what it actually achieves. If a student has bad handwriting we must observe actual improvement over time. If not it’s a waste of time. Filling up time by any staff because of time table and salary is a waste of time for everyone, parents, students, staffs and school. So R.S Administrative staff must ask themselves all the time “what progress are we actually making on this student…?”

12.After measurement of its achievement, RS must also have follow-up measures. These might include review of methods earlier used but found to be defective or nor relevant. It is a dynamic programme.

13.Paragraph 1 to 11 above are the major things to be considered for RS as atv today. I also referred you to several write – ups prepared in the past which are in the Academic Department for reference. Most of these have also been collected by Edupedia for the production of Eduguide or use in the blogs which have now been set up..

14.Records or list of attendance and assignments of the Director’s class must be kept for RS purposes and regularly submitted or referred to the Director as soon as possible after each event.

15.Separate but relevant meetings with Maths and English Tutors have been scheduled.

16.Time spent in the RS Dept of Mason College is the most useful time for any staff because of the personal experience and richness it can accrue for those involved as it has done for me.


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