…ex mason college festac staff members…

continued from part 1


a. General
i. Tutors are expected to conform to all recognized standards of propriety. Any departure from this rule shall be viewed with grave concern
ii. Tutor’s mode of appearance shall be formal at all times.
iii. Punctuality shall be compulsory for tutors at all times. Absenteeism or lateness shall be penalized as announced by management from time to time.
iv. Tutor-student relationship shall be strictly academic and not otherwise in order to maintain high standards of discipline.
v. Any act of indiscipline by any student shall be reported to management. Tutors shall comply with the school rules on caning of students at all times.
vi. Tutors shall endeavour not to use vulgar language when addressing students.
vii. Threats shall not be used as means of solving problems created by students.
viii. Tutors shall not flatter students with undue high marks. Every student’s grade shall be a reflection of his/her true performance.
ix. All records concerning tests or exams shall be promptly transmitted to management without erasures.
x. Academic records of students shall not be revealed to one another.
xi. Tutors are expected to inform management ahead of time in case they shall be absent from any class. (See guideline). 14(a) (iii) above.
xii. Tutors shall be reminded that the staff room is out of bound to students at all times.
xiii. Tutors’ efforts shall be geared at all times towards achieving the best result and as such there shall be  need to work hard.

b. Lessons, Tests, Assignments and Mock Examination

xiv. The use of text books in class for giving notes shall not be allowed. It is a sign of laziness or unpreparedness.
xv. The type and content of lessons given shall be in line with the school diaries, schemes of work, academic calendar and management memos issued from time to time
xvi. The giving of notes to those attending regular school who come to PASS classes in the evening is a must. And these notes shall be checked by tutors as indicated by the academic program of the school concerned.
xvii. Tutors shall liaise with management from time to time on issues affecting their functions, lectures, materials and any other useful suggestions and/or information that may improve the quality and standard of their lectures.
xviii. Tutors who excel in the subject(s) assigned to them may be given an opportunity to participate in the running of the affairs of the school on an agreed fee or on a full time or part time basis apart from the lecture fee being paid.
xix. Tests and Grades shall follow the manner in which the students examination shall be conducted and graded by the actual examining body at the end of the program
xx. Tests or Mock Examinations may be administered by the school management with or without reference to subject tutor concerned.
xxi. No employee (Tutorial or Administrative) shall cancel any scheduled test or mock examination without due approval by  school management.
xxii. It is the policy of the school that all students shall be given home assignments or progress tests. The latter to be taken under examination conditions. The time-table for the tests and assignment shall be communicated to tutors by management verbally or through the school’s academic calendar.
xxiii. Each tutor shall ensure that all students attempt home assignments and tests. Any student who fails to do so shall be punished by management. Records of students’ performances shall be kept by tutors for reference by management.
xxiv. Students shall not be made to spend endless hours seeking answers to their homework. Class tests shall be objective or essay in form.

c. Class Control:

xxv. No tutor, student or group of students shall be allowed into the class 10 minutes after the beginning of a lecture period
xxvi. No student or group of students shall be allowed to sit at the back of the class far from fellow students. Such students shall be asked to move forward to join their mates (where space permits). Tutors shall also pay attention to seats occupied by those on remedial studies (Director’s class). They shall sit in front of the class and shall not be allowed to sit with their friends.
xxvii. It shall be the duty of tutors to identify noise makers, time wasters and troublesome students and report them to  management as quickly as possible for appropriate remedial measures.
xxviii. Students shall be expected to sit upright at all times without their heads on table or their legs on chairs. Tutors shall correct such cases immediately they are found. No student or tutor shall sit on class table as a rule.

d. Special Guidelines for Tutorial Staff:

xxix. As soon as your appointment is confirmed please submit scheme(s) of work in your subject(s) based on the class (es) allocated to you and their relevant curricular/syllabuses (where the school has no scheme of work or where the class (es) allocated is far behind on the work for the term).
xxx. In view of the remedial history and nature of the school you shall be required to perform other related duties from time to time as shall be discussed with you  by management. Such non-tutorial duties may not have any remuneration attached to them but form part of the consideration in offering you employment in the first place.
xxxi. The attention of all tutorial staff is drawn to the Academic Grading Scheme with the coordinator (regular studies) and the Rules and Regulations of students for additional guidance and future reference. A schedule of offenses and corresponding punishment is also attached to the Rules and Regulations for students.


a. See memo No. 10 dated 8th January, 1992 on Administrative duties in relation to school and classrooms, cleaning, medical and electrical emergencies, parents, visitors, notices, daily schedules and other records.
b. Additional guidelines to administrative staff on the following matters shall be given from time to time by management.
I. Daily attendance (Entry and Exit)
II. Movement/Noise control at the gate, within the school, the games and lunch/snack areas
III. Emergency tests, marking and recording
IV. Time-table administration and management of classes
V. Class tests, mock exams and supervision.
c. The attention of all administrative staff is also drawn to the Rules and Regulations for students for proper guidance and future reference.


Additional guidelines may be given in future through memoranda or circulars and these shall be as effective as the guidelines stated above.


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