…ex-staff members of Mason College…


This manual explains to you the terms and conditions under which you are employed by Mason College (Mason)/Pass Tutorial College (PASS). It has been produced so that you will understand both your rights and duties. In this manual the “school” shall refer to either MASON OR PASS.
By joining the school you are becoming part of a young but rapidly expanding set of educational institutions whose future and prospect is bright. The schools’ operations started some years ago. However, they hope to expand into many different fields and there may be opportunities for promotion and higher remuneration.
We therefore welcome you to our midst. We are proud of our modest achievements to date and hope you will be too.


In whatever grade you might be in the school, your job is important. Advancement can only come to you if the school is successful and the success of the school depends upon the honesty, efficiency, initiative, loyalty and devotion to duty of each and every member of staff. Both the school and the staff have closely inter-related rights and obligations.

The School believes it should arrange to:-
a. Give an equal opportunity for engagement and promotion on  basis merit
b. Give every employee the chance of proving his (or her) ability to qualify for a better position and remuneration within the school.
c. Pay fair rates of wages and salaries, thereby rewarding hard work, honesty, loyalty and integrity to the school.
d. Encourage loyal and efficient service by providing suitable conditions of work to all employees.
e. Give every employee the opportunity when necessary to deal directly with management and express his or her opinion freely.
The school on the other hand believes that it is entitled to expect its staff:-
a. To serve the school faithfully in any capacity as may be required of him or her and obey all lawful instructions given.
b. To develop a higher standard of productivity and efficiency and reduce loss of time to a minimum.
c. To have a sense of personal responsibility and pride for the quality of service rendered based on the principle of a fair day’s pay.
d. To devote the whole of their negotiated time and energy during working hours to further the interest of the school and to refrain from actions or occupation which are likely to be detrimental to those interests.


The school will encourage employees who are willing to give up their spare time to attend courses or pursue private studies. The school will provide assistance where it deems it necessary to do so. Such assistance will be provided by allowing such employee to attend courses available within or outside the school without charge or at a concessionary rate. Such assistance to an employee is subject to his or her accumulated period of employment and whether the course is one from which the school is likely to benefit from on completion.


An excess of manpower causes redundancy, if redundancy appears probable, consideration will be given to efficiency, loyalty, diligence and length of service.


I. The school shall not be under any obligation to give a letter of employment to  new appointees  until they have spent at least 3 unblemished months confirmed by the schools’ Principal. This condition can  be  varied by management as determined from time to time.
II. Employment by the school shall be conditional upon  acceptance by the employee of the school terms and conditions of service described here in, or as subsequently accentuated or amended by the school management and as stated in the Staff Attendance Book of 9/5/97 and subsequent copies of the same book or the Director’s Book.


Except in special cases, every employee shall be engaged on probation. The duration of the probation shall not exceed twelve months. Upon appointment each employee must submit for record purpose his full name and address, name of next of kin and any information which may be required by the school. It is the duty of the employee to notify the school immediately of any change in information supplied. Confirmation of appointment or otherwise shall be in writing directly to the employee or through the daily work done book of a member of school management or the staff attendance register.


The employee shall devote the whole of his negotiated time and attention to the faithful and diligent discharge of his duties and shall in all respect obey and observe all lawful orders of the school and its appointed representatives in respect of the well-being or business of the school. He (or she) shall not at time divulge any of the affairs, specialized business knowledge or secrets of the school, papers or documents belonging absolutely to the school.
No employee shall engage in any private business or trade during or after working hours without declaration to the school. No employee may engage in the promotion or distribution of any material or make an appeal for sale of any item what-so-ever on the school premises except those approved by management.


Any person engaged by the school can be required to work at any capacity within the school as may be decided upon by the management. Where such delegation occurs, management shall take into consideration the relationship between the new and old work content. The school shall not pay additional benefits except where additional responsibilities are given as shall be determined by the management.



Hours of work are decided by the management in accordance with the requirements of the school time-table. But he school working hours are as follows subject to changes by special circumstances such as excursions and external school competitions.



7:30 AM – 3:00 PM



3:30PM -5:30PM


11:00 AM – 5:00 PM


Mason College Staff may be required to work by management on public holidays.Such shall be discussed and agreed  in advance with staff members involved.This shall include any additional remuneration to be paid.  Generally speaking public holidays will not be observed by PASS in view of its remedial work.


I. Tutorial staff hours or work shall be dictated by the school time-table which runs from 8:00 am to 5:30 pm f
II. The tutorial staff of the school shall be expected to give a minimum of 40 working hours a week. Management shall be allowed to vary the minimum working hours so stated after appropriate  notice  and discussion with employees concerned.
III. Paragraph 9 (a) not withstanding certain employees especially administrative staff may be required to work out outside the scheduled hours of work and in excess of basic hours of work stated above.The monthly remuneration of such staff members shall be fixed with this in mind


I.The clause on termination in the letters of appointment  referred to in 5 (i)  not withstanding, the school shall not be under any obligation to give notice to any person who does not comply with school regulations concerning conditions of employment, for which he/she may be summarily dismissed from the employment of the school without notice or payment in lieu there of.
II.Also any serious misconduct or act that may endanger the lives or safety of such staff or of students or other staff members or the school’s property or the efficiency and progress of task or operations shall lead to summary dismissal.

III.All acts capable of bringing the school to disrepute in the eyes of the public will also rank as serious misconduct. The following also constitute serious misconduct:-
a. Dereliction of duty or sleeping on duty
b. Refusal to obey reasonable order of a supervisor or superior officer
c. Holding an authorized meeting with student (s) and staff as indicated under rule 13 (b).
d. Fighting within the school premises or its vicinity
e. Stealing
f. Consuming or being under the influence of alcohol or narcotics while on duty
g. Gross insubordination or disrespect to management
h. Soliciting for material  or financial assistance from student(s)
i. Causing malicious damage to school properties
j. Corruption or attempting to corrupt other employee or students
k. Gambling, betting etc. on school premises or its vicinity.
l. Not writing notes on the board for students in junior school
m. Reading of text books to students in class as notes
n. Any other conduct or behavior as shall be determined by the management of the school as serious misconduct.


Any employee who reports late for work, withdraw or withhold his service without due notice shall be deemed to have breached his conduct or service with the school seriously. Such an employee shall be liable to a penalty or suspension without warning as shall be determined by management from time to time. Such penalty may be canceled if the employee presents a reasonable case to mitigate the offence in the eyes of management.


If an employee commits an offense not amounting to serious misconduct he or she may be suspended or penalized or given verbal or written warning for first and second offenses by management. If a third offense is committed, management reserves the right to terminate the employee’s appointment or apply any  other appropriate punishment as deemed fit with or without notice.


a. Personal Property:

The school shall not take responsibility or liability in respect of loss of or damage to personal property brought into the school premises or vicinity. All vehicles should be properly parked at the spaces provided by the Federal Housing Authority. Generally speaking, employees are not expected to mix personal property with those of the school. These includes textbooks, exercise books, personal files etc.

b. Unauthorized lectures/meetings:

Lectures/meetings not previously on the school time-table or authorized by the management shall not be held on the school premises. Any employee or student attending such lecture or meeting shall be liable to disciplinary proceedings.

c. Administrative Notes/Notices

The Director’s notes, Staff attendance book, notice boards and the doors are deemed by management to be adequate means of communication hence only notices authorized by management may be included or pasted on them. Every employee is advised to check all these daily as soon as they sign in. it is compulsory to sign the Director’s notes once read. It shall constitute a serious misconduct if this regulation is disobeyed or ignored.

d. Suggestions

The school operates an open door policy, by giving room for any suggestion that could bring about improvement and increase the credibility of the school. Suggestions can be rendered verbally or in writing to any member of the school management

e. School Registers

All employees (Tutors and Administrative Staff) are expected to sign appropriate registers anytime they come into or go out of the school premises. During working hours no employee shall leave the school premises without prior permission of management or except as agreed at recruitment stage or as modified by employee status at any time. Such movement must be registered in an appropriate book.
Any employee who signs on-behalf of another person shall be made to face instant dismissal or appropriate sanction.

f. Suspension From Duty

Where an employee commits an offense which in the opinion of management, amounts to misconduct his employment shall be suspended for a specified period of time without pay at the sole discretion of management. Offenses which shall be regarded as serious misconduct leading to summary dismissal have been listed under rule 10 earlier.

g. Grievance Procedure:

Any employee who considers that he/she has been treated unfairly has a right, without discrimination to bring details of such treatment to the notice of any superior officer in the school or through a letter addressed to the Proprietor of the school.

h. Change in Terms and Conditions of Service

The school has the right to waive, alter add to or cancel any part of these conditions of employment for the time being in force as circumstances may demand. While the school management shall endeavour to notify all employee of any change, the posting of such changes on the school’s notice board or inclusion in the Staff Attendance Register or in the Director’s notebook shall be held to be sufficient notification and ignorance of such changes shall not be accepted as an excuse for non-compliance.



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