2014/2015 Unilag Prospective Jambites, Your Chances Of Gaining Admission
What did you score in the just concluded 2014/2015 Utme exams? If your score is up to 200 and above, then congratulations because you are eligible to write the 2014/2015 Unilag Post Utme exam.

If your score is not up to 200, you need to pray harder that Unilag should consider the mass failure this year and bring down it’s cut off to at least 180. This I doubt though cos Unilag hardly go below 200 as UTME cut off.

UNILAG POST-UTME: Formula for Calculating Aggregate Score

For candidates who applied for admission at Unilag i believe you will like to know how your final score which ultimately determines whether you will be admitted or not is arrived at.

The formula is the sum of your UTME SCORE divided by 8 and your POST UTME divided by 2.

For instance,if you score 290 in UTME and went on to score 70 in POST UTME,your aggregate score will be calculated thus:
UTME Score = 290/8 =36.25
Post UTME Score = 70/2 =35
Aggregate Score =36.25 + 35 =71.25%

Now you have known, what do you anticipate as your likely score? Share here.

But Don’t get confused this is what I mean;

JAMB = 400 marks

Unilag will breakdown the whole of the 400 marks into 50 marks which means (400/8 = 50)

Whatever you score in jamb will be divided by 8 too. lets use 265 as an example ( 265/8 = 33.125)

That’s 33.125 out of 50 in Jamb utme exam. ( This means that you already got 33.125 that will make up your final aggregate score. The remaining marks will come from post utme exam)

You can see from the above calculation that the higher your jamb utme score, the better. If you got a low score in jamb your chances are already reduced because by the time unilag slash it over 8..

By Timothy Ozovehe


  1. then one have to seat tight so as to score more dan the cut off mark inorder to b admitted easily if that persons score 200 and above in jamb


  2. Pls my daughter scored 219 in UTME and 42.25 in Unilag post UTME. Her final score as published by Unilag is 48.5. She took Unilag as first choice and Acconting as a prefered course. What are her chances of gaining admission into Unilag to read Accounting or any other course in the social sciences.



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