1. The densities of two gases, X and Y,
are 0.5gdm-3 and 2.0gdm-3 respectively.
What is the rate of diffusion of X relative to
Y ?
A. 0.1
B. 0.5
C. 2.0
D. 4.0

2. Which statements are correct for the
neutralization of a strong alkali in aqueous
solution at 250C ?
A. It is an endothermic process
B. It can be represented as H3O+(aq) + OH(aq)
–> 2H2O(|)
C. The enthaply change per mole of H2O
formed is independent of the acid or alkali
D. It is esterification process

3. Which of the following is an ore of tin?
A. siderite
B. haematite
C. magnetite
D. cassiterite

4. An elimination reaction occurs when ethane
is converted to
A. 1,2-dibromoethane
B. ethanol
C. ethene
D. ethylethanoate

5. Argon is used in a gas-filled electric lamps
because it helps to
A. prevent the reduction of the lamp
B. prevent oxidation of the lamp
C. make the lamp filament grow brightly
D. keep the atmosphere in the lamp

6. The nmber of hydrogen ions in 4.9g of
tetraoxosulphate(VI)acid is
A. 3.01 x 1022
B. 6.02 x 1022
C. 3.01 x 1023
D. 6.02 x 1023

7. Which of the following is the correct order of
decreasing activity of the metals Fe, Ca, Al
and Na ?
A. Fe > Ca > Al > Na
B. Na > Ca > Al > Fe
C. Al > Fe > Na > Ca
D. Ca > Na > Fe > Al

| |
CH 3 CH3
The IUPAC nomenclature for the compound
above is
A. Dimethylhexane
B. 3,5-dimethylhexane
C. 1,1-dimethyl, 3-methylpropane
D. 2,4-dimethylhexane

9. 10g of a solid is in equilibrum with its own
vapour, when 1g of s small amount of solid
is added, the vapour pressure.
A. remains the same
B. drops
C. increases by 1%
D. increases by 90%

10. Which of the these salts will produce its
metal, oxygen and nitrogen(IV)oxide on
heating ?
A. Silver trioxonitrate(V)
B. Sodiumtrioxonitrate(V)
C. Calcium trioxonitrate(V)
D. Lithium trioxonitrate(V)

11. Chromatography is used to seperate
components of mixture which differ in their
rates of
A. diffusion
B. migration
C. reaction
D. sedimentation

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