1. The condition in which the anthers mature before the stigma is called.
A. Protandry
B. Epigyny
C. Hypogyny
D. Protogyny

2. The ratio of carriers to sicklers in the F2 generation derived from a parental cross at two carriers of haemoglobin S gene is
A. 3 : 1
B. 1 : 3
C. 2 : 1
D. 1 : 2

3. In which part of a leguminous plant can bacteria like Azobacteriabe found?
A. Spongy mesophyll
B. Root nodes
C. Stern internodes
D. Stem nodes

4. In most true ferns, spirogyra are grouped into
A. Indusium
B. Sori
C. Fronds
D. Prothallus

5. In a bird, the following feathers posses after shaft
A. Quill and filoplumes
B. down and filoplumes
C. covert and down
D. quill and covert

6. Ultra filtration in the Kidney takes place in the
A. Bowman’s capsule
B. Pelvis
C. Loop of Henle
D. Proximal convoluted tubules

7. I n a dicotyledonous stem, companion cells are found close to the
A. endodermal cells
B. sieve tubes
C. xylem vessels
D. pericycle fibres

8. The position occupied by an organism in a food chain is referred to as
A. trophic level
B. niche level
C. energy level
D. feed level

9. Which of the following bones is not a component of the fore limb?
A. Olecranon
B. Ulna
C. Tibia
D. Humerus

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  1. Sir,am really grateful for the post utme questions u’ve been dropping.sir,can u help me with unizik post utme past question for health sciences?


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