Choose the option opposite in meaning to the word capitalized.

1. The University of Lagos has a large INTAKE of students each year.
A. rejection
B. product
C. output
D. turn-out

2. The demonstrators have refused to CALL OFF their action.
A. consolidate
B. start
C. resume
D. end

3. Coastal plains are often very DENSELY populated.
A. weakly
B. badly
C. rarely
D. sparsely

4. Our government is making DETERMINED efforts to eradicate illiteracy.
A. compulsory
B. ineffective
C. innocent
D. unreliable

5. Sola’s car is badly damaged; he has to look for an EXPERT mechanic to fix it.
A. uneducated
B. amateurish
C. awkward
D. unscientific

6. Anini was a MINDLESS criminal.
A. strong
B. mindful
C. feeling
D. memorable

7. The ANGRY waves swallowed the boat.
A. gentle
B. unruffled
C. cool
D. serene

8. The thieves VANDALIZED the vault’s lock.
A. repaired
B. arranged
C. serviced
D. actuated

9. Ngozi flogged the girl RELUCTANTLY.
A. eagerly
B. calmly
C. furiously
D. laboriously

10. The judge blamed the PLAINTIFF for misleading the court.
A. defendant
B. complainant
C. accused
D. prosecution

Read the following passage to answer questions below
Delinquency describes actions that would not be crimes if performed by adults. lf a young person perform one of such actions then he has committed a crime. Delinquency is one of several status offenses, offenses that can be committed only by people in particular stations of life as determined by age profession or a person’s role in society. For young people such offenses include drinking, driving and smoking under age. Usually they are offenses only to the extent that they help to preserve some of the good things of life for the exclusive enjoyment of the adult world. Delinquency is therefore a weapon forged in adult minds and directed by adult hands against young people. lt is born out of envy,adult pride and intolerance. lf the world changed overnight and the responsibility to make and enforce laws fell or juvenile shoulders, the adults should expect a raw deal in return. Delinquency would then certainly refer only to many of the adult actions now freely committed by them.

11. ln the view of the writer, drinking under age is an offense because
A. adults want to have all the drink to themselves
B. Adults do not want juveniles to get drunk
C. Drunken juveniles can cause disorder in society
D. Adults have a duty to protect young persons.

12. l f the world changed overnight
A. There would be more delinquency laws.
B. Delinquency would refer to all adult actions.
C. Delinquency would be no more be a crime
D. Delinquency would also change in meaning

13. The writer of the passage believes delinquency laws are
A. not relevant to human society
B. only fit for young people
C. unfair to the juveniles
D. very fair to the adult world

14. Status offenses are those that can be committed by
A. all adults
B. juveniles only
C. delinquent juveniles only
D. specified classes of people.

15. When young people make and enforce laws
A. The responsibility will be too heavy on their shoulders
B. They would retaliate against the adults.
C. Their laws will be very juvenile
D. The world will be turned upside down.

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