Read the following instructions carefully

1. Use HB pencil to shade your answers. Ensure that any shading in error is thoroughly erased.
2. Candidates should indicate the Question Paper Type given to them in the appropriate space in the
Answer Sheet
3. Write your JAMB Registration number on the Question Paper in the space provided at the top of page 1.

Read the following passage and answer the questions that follow by choosing the appropriate option

From one examination year to another, students seeking admission into Nigerian higher institutions of learning perform poorly in their examination papers, particularly in the English Language and Mathematics papers.

Often, they blame JAMB and schools for their poor performances. In turn, JAMB and schools do blame
students for unseriousness and a number of other personal factors that make students perform very poorly in theEnglish and Mathematics papers. Apart from the apathy that students have for these two and other subjects,inadequate preparation for examination is a major bane of good performance in JAMB and POST-UTME.

Perhaps, we should quickly mention students’ heavy reliance on sharp practices of different types which they commit before, during and after the examination.

Miscomprehension of questions and violation of instructions are no least a factor. Besides, are students evenconscious that minor mistakes that they make when they complete, fill in and shade materials on the internet and during examination can rob them of excellence and consequently admission?

1. A suitable title for this passage is

(a) Students’ complaints about poor performance (b) Why students perform poorly in JAMB and POST-UTME (c) Students’ and JAMB’s feeling about poor performances
(d) Factors that can enhance good performance examination

2. Which of the following points is not implied in the passage?

(a) Performance is generally poor in JAMB and POST-UTME (b) Students have their share of blame in this (c) Examination bodies are not to blame (d) Performance in language and calculation subject is worst

3. By implication in the passage, the least of the factors is

(a) Misunderstanding of questions and flouting instructions (b) The examination bodies (c) The students themselves (d) Examination sharp practices at different times

4. What is the leading pre-examination factor that the writer holds responsible for failure in English and Maths?
(a) Lack of preparation (b) Apathy for the subject (c) Attitude of the examining body
(d) Reliance on illegal aids and materials

5. The word apathy as used in the passage suggests

(a) fear of some subjects  (b) Animosity for some subjects

(c) Laziness and complexity of some subjects (d) Lack of interest in and love for some subjects

Choose the option nearest in meaning to the italicized words

6. The tenure of the principal was an unmitigated disaster

(a) unfortunate (b) unexpected (c) unqualified (d) unprecedented

7. Among the mountains in the Cameroun, there is an extinct volcano
(a) inactive (b) expired (c) extinguished (d) obsolete

8. The dispute between the two countries has resulted in the severing of diplomatic relations
(a) stopping (b) breaking (c) withdrawing (d) cancelling

9. The loud noise of the police siren woke us up (a) clamor (b) ding-dong (c) whistle (d) wail

10. The patient is suffering from an ailment that keeps recurring
(a) a chronic ailment (b) a frequent ailment (c) an acute ailment (d) a constant ailment

Choose the option that best fills the blank

11. The rise in workers’ pay is truly a —– booster (a) moral (b) morale (c) soul (d) spirit

12. For the sake of clarity, the professor was asked to —– on the hypothesis
(a) expatiate (b) expand (c) expantiate (d) explicate

13. The doctor did not find it difficult to —– the patient’s ailment
(a) discover (b) diagonize (c) divine (d) diagnose

14. The new riot squad was armed to the —- (a) head (b) neck (c) teeth (d) feet

15. The controversy has been —- to rest (a) lain (b) lied (c) laid (d) lying
In each of questions 16 – 25, choose the option opposite in meaning to the word(s) or phrase in italics

16. The officer asked for a more temperate assessment of the matter
(a) extreme (b) moderate (c) radical (d) humane

17. My father’s advice to me was quite invaluable (a) useless (b) useful (c) helpful (d) unsolicited

18. Musa hates Hadiza for her constant bellicose behavior (a) violent (b) gentle (c) meek (d) troublesome

19. There is much indifference in his behavior (a) concern (b) nonchalance (c) willingness (d) inconsistency

20. My brother married a loquacious woman (a) quiet (b) busy (c) talkative (d) beautiful

21. Most warring countries end up in state of satiation (a) hunger (b) thirst (c) danger (d) famine

22. Abdul is fond of his teacher though he sometimes makes derogatory remarks about him
(a) unpleasant (b) complimentary (c) expensive (d) inconsiderate

23. The Minister has finally been dropped from the present cabinet because of his ignoble act
(a) criminal (b) ignorant (c) honourable (d) selfish

24. His cruelty to his mother defies logical explanation (a) demands (b) offers (c) projects (d) precludes

25. Orinya balances the pail on her head with accustomed ease.
(a) convincing (b) surprising (c) unwary (d) unusual

From the words lettered a to d, choose the word that has the same consonant sound(s) as the one
represented by the letter(s) underlined

26. Ship (a) official (b) vision (c) seizure (d) revision

27. Author (a) rather (b) mother (c) though (d) thwart

28. Chant (a) cheat (b) character (c) chief (d) chemistry

29. Behind (a) whore (b) hour (c) honour (d) honest

30. Barge (a) gin (b) guest (c) gasp (d) grade


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