“G” is for Grammar — 10 common errors people make

The Editor's Pen with Paul Vander Loos

Dragon-G-LetterGrammar is a complex system of rules that governs our language, and makes our communication clear when we write anything. Rather than go into a treatise about all the many aspects of grammar, I will touch on some of the more common errors people make. Many words sound the same when we say them but often are muddled up when written down. Here is my list of 10 common errors:

  1. YOUR, YOU’RE — Both sound the same but are different. Your is a possessive as in Your suitcase is packed. You’re is a contraction meaning You are.
  2. THERE, THEIR, THEY’RE — Again, three words that sound the same yet are quite different. There refers to a place — He lives there. Their is a possessive pronoun as in Their house is over there. They’re is a contraction of They are.
  3. TO, TOO, TWO — The first…

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