cbtc221. Basic knowledge required of how to use a computer is how to move, point and click with a mouse.

2.The test comprises of Use of English and JAMB UTME subject combinations for courses as chosen by students during registration.

3.Time is of essence… roughly 54 seconds for each question in all subjects.

4.JAMB says your results should be available amost immediately (probably between 24 to 48 hrs.

5.It is advisable that you visit BOTH JAMB and non-JAMB CBT practice sites to improve one’s speed.

6.For practice go to http://jamb-etesting.net/…register for the paid version.

7.You can practice on computer,tablets and mobile.

8.On clicking the start button,the test question is loaded showing you the subject,time and time left.

9.Read the questions and available options carefully before selecting the right answer

10.Clickthe next button to go to the next question or click the omit button to jump to the next one without answering the present one…when you omit note the number down on a piece of paper to return to it later.You also have the chance to change subject on each question


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