Obi-Obasi, Sakawa and Ovusu

Ugandan writer, Nakigaze Sakawa will lead two others, including the current national financial secretary of the Association of Nigerian Authors, Chinyere Obi-Obasi, to the Ebedi International Writers Residency Programme in Iseyin, Oyo State.

The third person selected for the programme, which begins as from January 9, 2015, is Timi-Nipre Ovusu.

Sakawa, who holds a Diploma in Guidance and Counselling, is the author of Never too late and Summoning the rains, two anthologies of short stories that explore different experiences of women in Uganda. Also, she authored The Butterfly Dance, a collection of poetry for children.

She has also published stories in online magazines, such as Neutral and The Monitor.

In 2012, Sakawa facilitated a creative writing workshop among secondary school students in Uganda on novel-writing. As it has always been the case with International Ebedi writers, her return trip from Kampala to Lagos was sponsored by the Africa Moves Arts, a Belgian based NGO that has been partnering with Ebedi Writers Residency since its inception five years ago.

Obi-Obasi, a lawyer based in Abuja, has published three children’s books titled, The Brave Driver, The Faithful Dog and The Great Fall, respectively. In 2011, her work The Great Fall was shortlisted for the Nigeria Prize for Literature. In the same year, another book, The Change won the ANA/Lantern prize.

Obasi will be spending time in Ebedi to complete work on another Children’s book Chijike.

Timi-Nipre Ovusu is the founder of Mangrove House Publishers. She has had her works published in various journals, magazines and newspapers including News Africa. Apart from writing a regular travelogue for Lockers magazine, she is the author of Cyclamens and Words From My Fathers.

At present, Ovusu works as a speech writer to the wife of the Bayelsa State Governor. She will be spending her time in Ebedi to complete a short story collection; The Butterflies in My Stomach.

Now in its fifth year of operation, The Ebedi International Writers Residency is a private initiative for the provision of an enabling environment for writers to complete their on-going works at no cost to the writers.

Apart from free boarding and lodging facilities, residents are also entitled to free medical facilities, as well as the chance of having their completed manuscripts published by a reputable Nigerian publisher. In return, residents are expected to spend a few hours of their time every week to mentor secondary school students in Iseyin. Over 50 writers from Nigeria, Uganda, Ghana and South Africa have since participated in the residency.

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