1.I hated math because i used to be scared of my teachers and the methods they  used while growing up.

2.I think lots of students hate maths because most teachers don’t do a good job in relating the usefulness of maths to everyday life. Besides the basics of addition, subtraction,multiplication, and division many students don’t know why they are learning maths.

3.My life was a lot easier when maths was about numbers only.Later it started marrying alphabets E.G 2 + y x b. Very ridiculous to find y when x isn’t given.Where is y? I don’t know.All i know is y has a long tail and two branches!grin grin grin grin grin.

4.Because most Nigerian maths teachers try as much as possible to make it seem as intractable as possible.

5.I guess its kinda abstract for students.Few give up before they put in plenty effort. A-times some concepts are hard to grab until you get the right teacher.It only gets worse by the day.

6.I think the right foundation has to be laid early on from nursery and primary school for maths to be an enjoyable subject.I remember being lined up at the back of the classroom with other pupils in primary school,and made to recite the times table with our teacher (cane in hand) hovering around menacingly. I hated those sessions and my mind always seemed to go AWOL when it came to my turn to recite.Me always getting the hard ones like 7 or 9 times-table didn’t help matters either.Also, there needs to be more emphasis on smaller groups of pupils (like 5 per teacher) or study groups, for better interaction. Large classrooms help those finding maths difficult to easily ‘disappear’, and they may feel embarrassed to ask questions if they’re not moving at the same pace as most of their colleagues.

7.I liked geometry, some simple equations, and don’t recall what else aside from that. Maths need much practice.Quadratic equation in sec school was the subject feared by many,and which we all got goosebumps over. Even before the class people spoke of it in whispers as if na one dreaded masquerade.

8.Reasons are as follows

a) Good maths teachers are HARD TO find today! The teachers do understand what they’re doing, however, transferring the knowledge is more complicated than it looks?
b) Students are becoming lazier. Maths is not a lazy subject. A quitter is not a mathematician!
c) Maths itself is a frustrating subject–even for the experts.
d) There’s something very ANNOYINGLY peculiar about MATHS: When solving an equation (for example), you’ll know whether you’re doing the right thing or the wrong thing. Plus, one slight mistake and you’re done! grin
e) Mathematical concepts are very parallel. So therefore, when one does not grasp a concept, odds are it gonna mess most everything else up (Like a Domino effect).

9.People hate mathematics because:

a. Some teachers are not qualified to teach mathematics
b. It looks/ is abstract
c. The teaching aid/ method is poor
d. The fear of mathematics has been there from Nursery(Tender age)
e. Some students just don’t want to know it at all.

10.Maths used to make me sleep in my Junior and early Senior classes.And also used to pray that the teacher got out of the class fast.Wonder how they did not know…




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