11.It is the Nigerian style of delivery that makes people fail math. You don’t force children to cram, when u do it leads to them despising the subject.I excelled in math by primary school, because we had practical applications.My mother allowed me to count money in the market, make sense of the change etc. By the time the further math teacher came around with cane in hand, half of us were just copying each other and making C grades in math.I got to university in America, and i ended up in remedial math the 2nd lowest level of math. To cut a long story short, i was taught by good people who demonstrated the applicability of math in our every day lives. I now have a BS in Applied math & stats, and i am doing a MS in applied math. If u ask me a basic theory,i probably cannot tell u verbatim, but i will express it how i understand.That’s as a result of a difference in teaching styles.

12.It’s all about laying the right foundation. When you understand the basics, the rest will just flow naturally.More effort must be put in at the early ages.

13.The teacher is entering through the front door i’m jumping out from the back window.But every time somehow i will pass exams without cheating at least a (D).This means if i had endured the cane and the magics i would have been a guru.Just realized it.

14.I won’t say my maths teachers were bad In fact they were pretty good. I kinda have a low attention span and just never got the hang of it, though i was in a science class. I also felt that most of what i was learning was irrelevant to life in general. After school, i was scared that I’ll never pass an aptitude test to get a job cos if ny hatred for maths!

15.Maths deals with deep thinking and reasoning if you cant do the two, maths is not for you. some maths teacher are also the cause of this hatred or failure in maths.Nature is also a factor to consider because if your daddy and mummy are dullard,grin the offspring are not expected to be genius.Look before you marry.dont marry a dully grin because of beauty and expect to bear a genius.

16.People hate it cause of:1.Bad teachers 2.Wrong notion that maths is hard 3.Laziness. My take on maths is that if can conquer it, you can do anything else in academics.

17.When they cannot understand/speak English well,How do they understand a more complex thing like mathematics?

18.Just need to add though, that the parents being dullards doesn’t automatically mean the kids will also be dullards.If the parents take steps to make sure the kid inculcates learning Maths at an early age, and stays hard at his books,his or her aptitude may improve.For example,Ben Carson’s mother didn’t know how to read but she still made sure her kids worked at their studies.

19.Math anxiety starts when teachers start to beat up students because they fail to solve a problem. Also, math is a form of building block, u miss a step, you aint gonna get the next. The earlier a student realizes this, the better it becomes for the student.

20.True talk, most maths teacher are always hot-tempered and wicked.

21.I think it has a lot to do with the teaching philosophy of mathematics in our educational systems. Being a Ghanaian, I believe the same problems are faced here in Ghana as in Nigeria. It is a very practical subject that must be made to bear a lot on everyday phenomena but the tuition doesn’t show that. Most maths instructors teach maths in a way that makes it look too abstract for students. No application is allowed to be made to scientific everyday phenomena but rather just numbers and symbols. Maths is about application. You make a child visualize maths by making it possible for her to associate it with what she already knows around her. The opposite is, making it too abstract and much of an academic exercise is the norm with instructors around here. Simply put, the style of teaching maths here doesn’t make it exciting. It is boring.




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