So for almost 25 years we have actively promoted regular schooling and emphasized remedial education for thousands of secondary school students through our schools and public library in Lagos. Along the line we also got involved in “training the trainers” seminars and conferences. We have not only interacted with students in private schools but also been appointed to serve on rescue teams of public secondary schools. In the same vein we have served on the Education Foundation Boards for revamping public primary schools. We have conducted Jamb Clinics for thousands of students located in different LGAs and LCDAs in Lagos. We have also been guest speakers at the valedictory ceremonies of schools. We have been praised for our qualitative contribution to students’ education and have made our impact felt wherever we were invited.

As far back as 2006 we reviewed the state of things in public schools in Nigeria generally and sent a detailed write up on what needed to be done to the then Honorable Minister of Education Mrs. Ezekwesili. She replied almost immediately thanking and promising to get us more involved in future. But she had to return shortly after to the World Bank. We also sent the same write-up to the two houses of the National Assembly and all education parastatals attached to the Federal Ministry of Education (FMOE). Same to MOES for each state through their liaison offices in Abuja. Though we got invited later for additional exploratory discussions by states such as Ogun, Plateau, Imo, and Cross Rivers states we hope to follow up on these when the security situation in the country improves.


This is a series of e-books made up of helpful hints and guidelines produced /extracted / posted over 40 years to ease the pains of students, teachers and parents. EDUGUIDE was prepared to meet their needs and those of their schools for overall educational excellence. It is also our way of “preaching” on national and international levels what needs be done to improve our three-tier system of secondary school types earlier itemized.
The topics compiled under EDUGUIDE will be useful for personal studies by students and reference by mentors, teachers, parents and those involved in the art and science of teaching or handling youth empowerment. They are also good for students’ clinics and seminars. For tutors in particular it is an innovative compilation of various write-ups prepared by EDUPEDIA consultants or extracts from the works of various specialists and have been carefully divided into various e-books for easy reference and use.
The initial work we are putting out at the moment deal mainly with students of Nigeria or those teaching subjects and techniques for national exams on the West coast of Africa generally. However, we have been touched by the interest and so much love shown to us and our WordPress blogs by people from almost 130 other countries we never expected or dream about. That to us is huge and beyond all our expectations and calculations.
EDUGUIDE series of e-books are unique and are therefore recommended for use by students, parents, tutors, guidance counselors, school management and educational administrators. Some of the e-books like EDUQUOTE and EDUCARE will also be useful to preachers for sermons and church leaders for daily administration. The compilations move from Education Skills in EDUMATHS to Edutainment Skills and finally to Entertainment/Leisure Skills sections under EDUCARE. After all, education is about life, and acquisition of life skills is a major reason students are sent to school in the first place.
We wish all readers and users happy reading and fulfillment from the EDUGUIDE E-BOOKS for sale from our blogs listed as follows:
1) EDUMATHS…84 Steps to Mathematics Heaven

2) EDUSPRING…English Language / Literature (Why students fail both subjects)

3) EDUSTEM…Study and Examination Techniques covering WAEC / NECO/JAMB

4)EDUJAMB…Jamb/Post Jamb, SAT and TOEFL examinations including Notes and Questions on the current Jamb novel for Use of English paper.

5) EDUCARE…Students’ School Empowerment Handbook

6) EDUSTAFF…School Administration, Discipline and Staff Matters (including notes about arranging Remedial Studies and Mentoring for students.)

7) EDUQUOTE…A 40-year compilation of 5000 quips and quotes for students, tutors, parents and even pastors

8) EDUPUZZLES…A compilation of 2500 quizzes, puzzles and games which are useful for Post-Jamb exams or General Paper questions in secondary schools.

9) EDUTAINMENT…A compilation of over 5000 books, movies and music on DVDs and CDs for operational use and reference at our public library known as Lagos Books Club.

10)EDUBEST…A compilation of the best 500 private secondary schools in Nigeria plus related info.

Thank you.



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