This is our first e-book or manual written for students, parents, teachers and mentors. Its aim is to enhance the capacity of various users according to their needs. It focuses on Behavioral, Motivational, Finishing Touches and other aspects of Life and Leisure Skills meant to empower students and give them richer school experiences. Parts of the write-ups come from internal work done at our schools namely Mason College and PASS Tutorial College both in Festac, Lagos. There are also contributions, extract, excerpts from many external sources and resources from seminars ,books ,and the internet..We hope our readers will find the contents cheerful and relevant enough to meet each at their points of need. We hereby wish to say a few more words to them:

Education takes place throughout life from the cradle up to the end. As we learn each day it is important to be careful of the type of education we get. The years you spend in a secondary school are when you learn the most and pick up most of your habits that will take you through life. So it is important to be careful of the type of things you imbibe.
A long time ago before secondary school you discovered that you were under authority and that you are rule-bound. You have encountered rules at home, regulations at school a bit of the laws of the land and the commandments of God. But not all these laws please you. Some you have defied.
Sometimes life gets a little hectic. Tests to study, home work to submit, household chores to finish. So life gets a bit stressful. But many times those who surround you cannot even understand that life can also be tough at your age. So you have sought for wishful understanding or escape routes many times. In some cases you have cheated on engage yourself in make – believe lifestyles for illusory dreams of what you really want to do, places you’ll like to be or persons you would like to become.
Sometimes you also feel like an island on an unfriendly ocean. Things do go wrong between you and your friends, your parents or your teachers. Misunderstanding or prejudices can separate you from them. Angry words can kill your spirit. When these happens the awful feeling of loneliness and separation set in at home or at school. Not many students can escape the breakdown of communication, feeling of irritation, contempt and words of hostility and bitterness.

This handbook has been written to assist you understand your feelings and relationships with yourself, fellow students, teachers and parents. The book wants to tell you how to nurture your relationships into strong and beautiful structures with your classmates, teachers and parents. That is why it is called STUDENTS’ SCHOOL EMPOWERMENT HANDBOOK.
The contents of the book focus on the following.
a) Academic Tools for Empowerment.
b) Personal Empowerment.
c) Social Empowerment.
d) Empowerment for Employment and Community Responsibility

The handbook was also written for quick reference purposes. Most of the contents are made up of quips, quotes or numbered points which can easily be understood instead of wordy essays. However there are certain parts of the book containing  speeches or stories to enhance the points made in other parts. Those were compiled specially for you in mind and we hope you will find the book interesting . Please take note of the following words of advice as you get set to read the book.
1. If the cap fits, expand your head.
2. You are your owns’ best coach.
3. Reject Failure
4. Develop your own drive
5. Get a life!
6. Perseverance is key to success.
7. Your destiny is in your hands
8. Master your limiting beliefs
9. Strive to stand tall.
10. Review your mind.
11. Be focused.
12. Say “No” to poverty from youth.

This book is meant as an essential guide for all persons dealing with youth and students. Some of the aims of the book include:
a) As a guide on academic matters
b) To promote good behavior and values
c) To motivate those in charge of youth for better services and students for self – development to overcome adversity and self – defeating habits.
As earlier mentioned the book was compiled over many years from several sources. The contents cover both motivational and inspirational messages in the following forms:
a) Thoughts, Ideas and tips.
b) Guidelines, Techniques and Related Suggestions
c) Sparkling Quips, Quotes, Poetry etc.
We hope many of you will find the contents useful as a reference resource. Above all we expect readers will find fun, leisure, relationship and mental stimulus from reading the book. Though the topics have been arranged under main headings we do not see them as compartmentalized as they might seem to some readers.

What we are offering through this book is a combination of our work and other sources. As much as possible the external sources have their names indicated where such extracts or excerpts were used. Exceptions are for those whose names could not be sourced or determined. Any missing acknowledgement should be pointed out to us as soon as it is known for correction as it is not our intention to plagiarize work not belonging to us.
Thank you.




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