1.“From our ancestors come our names, but from our virtues our honors”

2.“Some people think that if they change the names of things, the things themselves will have changed, too”…David McKay

3.Yorubas can forgive their enemies, but never forget their names

4.His father might already be turning in his grave

5.Immediately he announced his change of name the next statement he made was “i shall not be attending my daughter’s wedding this Saturday because my permission was not obtained”

6.“Throughout recorded time… there have been three kinds of people in the world, the High, the Middle, and the Low. They have been subdivided in many ways, they have borne countless different names, and their relative numbers, as well as their attitude towards one another, have varied from age to age: but the essential structure of society has never altered. Even after enormous upheavals and seemingly irrevocable changes, the same pattern has always reasserted itself, just as a gyroscope will always return to equilibrium, however far it is pushed one way or the other. The aims of these three groups are entirely irreconcilable.”

7.”Names are not always what they seem. The common Welsh name BZJXXLLWCP is pronounced Jackson.”

8.God, grant us the serenity to recognize his dubious character which cannot change, the laughter from the comedy arising from his name change and the wisdom to know the difference.

9.His name change can neither wipe out his past nor his future because of gbana!

10.A good character and not a name whether changed or not is the best tombstone

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