Becoming an Actor or Actress

Training information and experience required for starting a career in acting.
Acting as a career involves more than just performing in movies. Working actors perform in live theater productions, in commercials and on television shows.

As actors start their careers, many work multiple jobs, such as working as extras in films or TV, to support themselves financially. While many actors live in large metropolitan areas, production companies all over the nation hire actors on a regular basis.

The more experience an actor has, the more desirable he or she is to a director. While a degree is not typically required, certificate programs are available, particularly for those interested in acting on stage.

At LAPA we believe in sharing with our students the untold truth which is beyond the curriculum and classes.

Career counselling is an initiative in that direction. In the Knowledge Bank section we share relevant information and knowledge on a periodic basis which helps the students take informed decisions about their career.

How to start an acting career in Nollywood

All the things you need to know before you take the first steps to winning the hearts of Nollywood Producers and Directors.

Getyourself trained in an NBTE approved institution.

Geta professional portfolio done which showcases you in different postures, hairstyles, costumes, moods, locations, etc.

Establish a good network of reliable casting agencies, model agencies and directors who work with established production houses.

Register yourprofile/portfolio with talent sourcing websites, magazines on regularly basis.

Try to attend as many auditions you can manage in the first stages of your career and always prepare your-self for the role you are supposed to audition for.

Build up a good personal wardrobe which has variety of costumes, footwear and jewelry as per your budget.

It may take time for a newbie to get the right assignments as one’s choice. But patience is the key in the field of acting. Hence don’t give up at all.

There are many actors who got a good break at a very late stage in their career but have still made it BIG.

Be cautious/careful of Advertisements

Be cautious of dubious advertisements that seek models/actors/kids for movies, TV Serials, commercials, etc.

Verify the credentials of the casting agency by either calling up on the telephone numbers mentioned in the advertisement or by visiting the office premises of the casting agency before the actual date of auditions.

Geta reference check of the agency done with your friends or other actors.

Clarify all details about your terms of engagement with the agency for the assignment /role before you sign up for the job.

Talent Scout Scams

Beware of talent scout scams that try to dupe you by promising guaranteed lucrative roles in films and TV serials in return for a fee or a commission.

No agency or agent can promise you guaranteed roles. It all depends on how you perform at the audition and whether you suit the requirements of the character for the film that is being produced.

It may not be wise to visit an unknown location for role audition unless you have been given some information about the credentials of the casting agency by your trustworthy sources.

Agencies asking you to pay for any kind of application/registration fee may be fraudulent. No production house of repute demands such fees and hence be careful of such agencies.

Counselling provided by Lufodo Academy of Performing Arts (LAPA)


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