But our problem is not so much the product, we have product,It is the marketing and distribution- that is our problem. When you say, this film is coming out next Tuesday, it should mean national. At the moment, we cannot do that. So the pirates have filled in the gap and then we are blaming them. We cannot blame them. As we are doing here, that is how they are doing in the UK and America. You find some people, when they are doing their movies, they go outside first because on the day it comes out here, people are on stand-by in different locations already mass-producing it and taking it to other locations. So, we cannot blame them until we can fashion out a proper distribution system. What we are asking the government to do is to create enabling circumstances for us to work.


I have talked to some governors but I have not heard any response even though they showed a lot of interest when I mentioned it. I said every local government in Nigeria should have a leisure centre that will have maybe two or three studios and cinemas where you can watch movies, do live shows and musicals. You make those centers your outlets for every local government area so if you want to sell your movies, you do that at each local government. Before pirates come in, you would have sold enough then you go into the market and slash the price. The marketers can afford it but they (pirates) can’t afford it. Now, you turn the table on them and in those leisure centres, you are creating jobs as well. All these things, we see them work in other countries, why not ours? We are our own impediments. There is no reason for us to have the problems we are having


There is no way we can use celluloid to make movies in Nigeria. It can never happen because everyone else is moving away from celluloid. It has to be video. If we didn’t have video, there is no way this industry would have grown in Nigeria. It is not possible. Even Japan doesn’t use celluloid at all. They have been using video and that is why they have always been on top. If you search for video, they are number one. We will be deceiving ourselves in saying we want to go back to celluloid. We won’t be able to do one film in 10years. It is quite expensive and they are running away from it. BBC and other news stations have used videos for years, that is why they can do a recording, rush to the studio and air it. We have good cameramen, technicians and lightmen. The educational aspect is very important and we are trying to see if we can get the government to subsidize it because the people who are teaching them are professionals. To get the best you must be able to pay the best price.


My wife and I both agreed it was obvious. Apart from Theatre Arts in the universities, there were no other institutions teaching acting. Even in Theatre Arts, they don’t cover more than the theatre. There is hardly anything else on television or films. We are behind time, we have to move beyond theatre. Mass communication has a bit more modern equipment so you find Theatre Arts students going to Mass Communication to perch but that is not it. That is what gave birth to Lufodo Academy of Performing Arts. We want you to train, know what you are doing, why you are doing what you are doing, how you are doing it, with whom you are doing it and when you are doing it. When you fulfill these answers, then you come back accomplished and you can fire with confidence because you know where you are going, you know what you want to do and that is what we are after. The school, I am glad it is going well but the fees, like I said, the government needs to subsidize as they are subsidizing education, they should consider us the same way so that what we charge our students will be low enough to encourage them to learn.


Is there any other role for a character like me? I can still play the role of a father, grandfather, uncle and the likes. I would not go and play a school boy. It is as simple as that. I am not taking any role from anybody so why should you be expecting me to write. Do I write? I could produce because I care about the profession and whatever product we bring out. I could direct but my main passion is acting, so if I am handling a production. I will make sure the artiste, technicians and my major characters got a fair share. Nobody must cheat because I have been on both sides of the divide and I know some producers and directors do. When I go there, I pre-empt making sure that everybody is fairly treated. If this industry is going to grow, then fairness has to come in.


I don’t choose that. It is unfortunate. Now, I am here with a script I am working on. Somebody has taken the time to tell me well ahead of what I am going to do. I have looked it up in principle, and said yes. Maybe a week to the resumption of this one, some else will bring a Yoruba script, I can’t be on two sets at the same time. You should give me a bit more time. I have done some. I think I have booked myself for one next year, in the middle of January (2014) but I love the theatre, I love the joy of having the advantage of being able to do the two, English and Yoruba. How I wish I could speak Igbo too.


It is called ‘emotion recall‘. It is something you have to practice on your own in your own room with the mirror. You must have a mirror that is long- that is one friend that will never lie to you. Whatever you put there is what you will see. You practice it and everything you think must show on your face. What makes you stand out as an actor is a lot of work. You have the script so you have to recall it at home, know how to handle it, know where your queue is from, where it begins to develop, where the camera can begin to pick it up so that by the time you say the next word, you are in the character and from there, you build up. The repetition of an act makes its performance almost automatic. Before I could reach here, it took a long time and practice.


What we are just trying to do, especially those who want to go into politics is to gain recognition and a platform for other endeavors. They can use that platform to do other greater things in life. If they can handle the pressures that comes with it, good luck to them. So, for me, it is really not a problem.However, I am not a politician. I don’t see anything wrong in any appointment given to people. If they are capable, let them do it. I think it should be encouraged. People that are called are people that the government themselves are aware of and they know how good they are and how efficient they can handle the positions. If they don’t, the governor will remove or push them back. But generally speaking, I think it is good thing. There are certain people that the public respect and for a government to get those kind of people on their team is a big credit to the government.




I’m surprised Peter can say that. Olu Jacobs is an actor; he’s a fine actor, he’s the best analyzer of character and the best manipulator of words. If some people, for whatever reason, say that the hundreds or thousands of fans who phone and come to applaud me everyday don’t not know what they are saying, that they don’t know what they are doing… I’m talking about real Igwes who meet me, not in their palaces but at airports, outside and they call me to tell me how much they appreciate what I am doing.
This happens every day even today. Do you want to tell me that those people don’t know what they are doing? Do you want to tell me that it’s only Pete who knows what he’s saying? What about the producers who commissioned the stories? Do they not know whom they want for what role? Is he saying that those producers don’t know what they are doing?As  to the film he referred to whatever he says about me, he must say about them because I didn’t write the script myself, It wasn’t my film. I want to end this topic by saying, I, Olu Jacobs respect and admire our way of life and I will do anything to propagate it, honestly and sincerely.
Our children watch us. What we present to them is what they thought they never had. Our children thought they didn’t have a past, We are the ones letting them know that we had a glorious past. We may have our hiccups at the moment but our present is as good, if not better than our past. We don’t live on trees. We live where every normal human soul lives and we shall continue to work hard.

I want to tell you that Pete is my younger brother. Forget the red cap.If we meet outside he must show respect. He can think whatever he likes, he has every right to his own opinion but I don’t have to agree with him. In this case, I totally disagree with him. I believe that in this case, he should have re-educated himself well enough before making such comments. I don’t know what’s behind what he has said, but I know he’s not being honest.

As far as I am concerned, I don’t have anything against Peter. His two children are my children and we’ve being working together. We both have a working relationship. He called me some three weeks ago(2013); somebody wanted an interview and he wanted me to grant the interview and I did. I don’t have anything to hide and I see no reason I should. I would rather advice that his questions be directed to the marketers who bought and commissioned the play.

Rivalry? No.I think that question should be directed to the owners of the movie. I don’t know what’s at the back of their minds. All I know is that, I get called to do movies , I do them to my best. Maybe Peter knows something I don’t know


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