11.Lets push for more autonomy for each country within the framework known as WAEC.

12.Lets revert back to 5yrs of secondary school and 2yrs of HSC immediately the Advisory Board completes its work.

13.Lets divide English Language into two types from SS1 …International and Pidgin…each student should then be allowed a choice of one or both at WAEC…a credit in either or a credit IN ANY NIGERIAN LANGUAGE should be usable for admission into higher institutions in Nigeria

14.Similarly lets divide WAEC Maths into two schemes from SS1.. one for Science (Physical/Biological) students and another for non-Science (Commercial/Arts) students.Current scheme can be retained for Science students only.For non-Science students Geometry,Mensuration and Trigonometry (which all students were introduced to from JS1 TO JS3) should be replaced by more maths-related topics from Economics and Commerce.Another section on Logic and Quantitative Puzzles can also be added for non-science students.

15.Lets extend official school closing hours to either 4.00pm or 4.30pm from Monday to Friday.All daily homework and remedial sessions for non-performers and related co-curricula programs should be activated after regular hours within school premises

16.2.00pm to 4.00pm on Saturdays should also be used for remedial work based on mid-term or end-of-term tests.For family socials parents can ask for permission for their children but not by proxy.The activities for these periods from Mondays to Saturdays must have a Co-ordinator in each school probably an experienced senior retired educationist.

17.Extra hands needed for 15 and 16 above can be tapped from retired teachers,NYSC or unemployed graduates in each LGA .Some stippend need to be budgeted for and paid for this.

18.Each LGA in Nigeria should have a CENTRE OF LIGHT on Public-Private rental terms.Each centre will have facilities for Library,Sports Hall,internet-linked Computer Center.The sports Hall can also be used for life and leisure skills improvement covering music,drama and debates etc.(More detailed notes on this will be coming up later)

19.Instead of weeding exams regular tutors need regular re-training especially on remedial techniques and how to be mentors instead of just being teachers.

20.Jamb should conduct its examination 3 times a year (December,April,August) to reduce candidates’ desperation and readiness for cheating during examinations (though now greatly curbed TEMPORARILY by CBT)



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