Apart from Unilag,Michael Okpara University has the following on its website

“PUTME 2015/2016 Registration

Due to recent JAMB guidelines on admissions in Tertiary Institutions whereby JAMB Shortlists UTME Candidates, those who applied for admissions into first degree programmes in Michael Okpara University of Agriculture, Umudike and scored 180 and above should check for their names in the University’s web portal ( to confirm if they have been shortlisted for Post-UTME by JAMB….”



1.For those without access to a pc for now…See the striking statistics above which could explain the reasons for this new development.

a. Top ten universities and the total number of applicants (including those who passed and failed)

b. General application statistics sorted by faculty

c. General application statistics sorted by state of origin

d. And the main one, cumulative performance statistics

ps: if u cant view the pics directly, i’d advice u to save them then zoom in properly.

Links confirming the new policy.

2.There are roughly 70 public/government own universities in Nigeria.

The total number of candidates that scored above 200 and are hence fully capable of being admitted to the university are 455 639. If these were equally shared among all these universities, each university would have an average of 6500 students . . . very convenient!

However, in the presentation I downloaded (see graphs above)showed that a mind-boggling 607330 students applied to just ten universities!!!

That means almost everyone that scored above 200 is gunning for one out of just ten universities.

It then only makes sense to redistribute the students so that each university has 6500 students each. Personally, I think that’s a very good idea, honestly.

Seeing this, I am thinking the students would be redistributed based on

a. Their scores.
b. Proximity of the universities to their states.
c. Catchment.

And all of these would be done with percentage based selection per course!

With these, there is no need to transfer anyone to private schools or Maiduguri. There are more than enough other places to transfer them to. Let  students who have not been verified consider this. Ask your selves these.

a. What is the chance that I am among the top 20% in my chosen course.
b. How far is my school from my state?
c. Do I fall under my school’s catchment?

3.Candidates forwarded by JAMB

a.These are those candidates who met all criteria given in the Jamb brochure…it has nothing to do with JAMB scores.

b.Concerning the eligibility status, given that Unilag only begun their PUTME application today it is only normal for an online application to experience difficulties at early stage.

c.The given links and
give no indication of “inter-school transfer of students by Jamb” these are only mere speculations by students who havent been verified.

d.It is also worthy to note that no student has been transferred to another school i.e. no Unilag student is seeing FUTO on his Jamb registration application

4.Yes jamb is changing school for some students with lower jamb score out of all the applied student for that course. Example if 5000 students got 200 and above and applied for medicine jamb will cut the amount of student with lower 200 and above score and transfer them to other school with less population .That is the eligibility stuff.

5,Well no one knows the criteria used in selecting eligible students. It’s entirely possible that other factors like WAEC results, subject combination, and such were taken into consideration too.That is an ASSUMPTION!

1.Even at that, is it right? Someone has 203 in biochemistry and can enter while another has 254 in law but can’t enter, is it right? (es. [Assuming they take the top 500 applicants for each course] If the student with 203 is in the top 500 for biochem, they’ll be eligible for the PUTME. If the student with 254 isn’t in the top 500, of course they won’t be eligible.)

2.All the graph na wash abeg! Hogwash!!!! angry angry angry angry

3.Me I cant keep calm oh! The eba I jst swallowd no gree go dwn sef! I wan die here! I scored 267, 4 Med in UNIBEN. If dey transfer me to Borno nko? Keep calm fire!!!

4.Even afta all dis, one senator go call one VC and say “the boy/girl must be admitted” and the VC go say “yes honorable senator”…..

5.And na dis same JAMB go give am admission letter ooo… yeye people.

6.Law has 5,000+ applicants.Business administration has 4,000+ and someone with 226 for business admin was told she’s eligible.Two people with 236 and 228 for finance was told ineligible and a lady with 214 was declared eligible.Biochemistry has 697 applicants, Microbiology 978 and someone with 219 for BCH was given ineligible while 220 for MCB was given eligible. angry sad

7.Buhari pls sack this dibu man!!!he has finished us,he is a dupe!!everything about jamb is money,money!!money!!!our only saviour now is buhari,pls sack this man called dibu ojerinde,he is not the owner of jamb neither is his father the owner of jamb.!!!.This man sold this form for N5000, he sold his useless book for N500 X 2 million candidates = N1billion naira for dibu. Nobody talked. He owns over 4 cbt centres where he makes millions. He sent people out of their state to write exams nobody complained, he sold change of institutions/ course for #3000 when he knew he will be choosing the courses and institutions by himself. This man is not fit for this job because he is self-centered. He wanted the Fg to stop post utme exams, but failed, he decided to deprive the schools from the money they make from the exams thereby depriving the students off their right while his children school abroad.

8.Nawa oo.They say one thing today, another one tomorrow.Our government is very deceitful. they should have made this known before the form came out,so people would know what to do before now.. I feel bad for those innocent people caught unawares.

9.Nawao… devil want to use dis dibu dis time around.Even with ur 250, 270,280.You can’t still write ur post utme in unilag.That UNILAG own too much sef ..So far so good I believe peeps are going there to just be a product of the school name and make expressions like. Am studying Education in Unilag grin. (Serious competition ni o)

10.Candidates sef don over populate the school, why won’t they do shakara for una ? I know of people who have seated for JAMB like 4/5 times and still putting in Unilag as first choice.Oga jonah sef change the school name una still no gree. grin cheesy.Unilag is a school of social competition of y,y boys and runz babes. 

11.Okay, let me shock you. I know two people(both from the South West, if you care to know). One of them, who had 271 has been declared ineligible to write PUTME for MBBS in UNILAG and the other with score 217 has been declared legible for the same MBBS. Does your theory still hold?

12.Everything for naija na seriousstruggle- Jamb nawahala! After admission : u go face all the suu strikes: ASUU NASU, COASU, MUSUU,   CKINCKENSUU, RATSUU e.t.c. after graduation u go wait tire for Nysc misplacement. To crown it all, u go come enter the most killing neigbour market, sowi labor market abi na britico eng we dey speak, labour market. God bless naija oooo!!




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