The Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) at its 2015 Combined Policy Meeting, held on July 14, 2015 in Abuja, announced the adoption of a policy whereby candidates of universities with surplus applicants for the Unified Matriculation Examinations (UTME) are reassigned to other universities with lower number of candidates than their capacities.

According to the Registrar/CEO of JAMB, Professor Dibu Ojerinde, the policy portends two benefits:

It will be beneficial to “needy Universities” that is universities with lower number of candidates than their capacities, as this will ensure that these universities will have more candidates to admit.

Candidates will have better chances for admission in the universities they are re-assigned to, contrary to situations where they would await admission in the universities of their first choices until the admission exercise closes and they forfeit admission in that session.

This policy has been implemented with immediate effect. Consequently, the eligibility for Post-UTME screening in the University of Lagos like other universities in Nigeria has been determined by JAMB. In effect, only candidates whose names were forwarded to the University of Lagos by JAMB are eligible for the 2015/2016 post-UTME screening.

This means that only candidates whose details have been forwarded to the University of Lagos by the Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) and published on the link: admissions.unilag.edu.ng are eligible for the 2015/2016 Post-UTME screening exercise.Candidates, who will not be sixteen (16) years of age by 31st October, 2015 are not eligible and need not apply.

Ineligible candidates would have been re-assigned by JAMB to other universities. Such candidates should contact JAMB for assistance.



2.Protesters WERE NOT UNILAG STUDENTS but mobilized themselves through social networks mainly.

3.The gains of the protest is doubtful because they were mainly INTENDING STUDENTS and their parents.It appears no University official or officer of the SUG bothered to address them.


4.Many students of Unilag feel the protest should have been at the JAMB office in Ikoyi. Here are some of the comments made by them and others on the net especially NL

a.Please that woman am seeing in the pic, is she protesting for her grand children or for her children or for herself? (She was protesting for her child)

b.I don’t think there is much you guys can do once the schools consents to this. Just keep praying sha, Jamb has no say really. It all boils down to the school because Jamb could do nothing when PUME was introduced.

c.Why are you guys going to protest at Unilag gate? Are they the ones that came up with the new policy? Shouldn’t that be done at the JAMB office?Do you tthink UNILAG does not like the income they generate from thousands of Post utme candidates yearly when they know 70% don’t stand a chance? This one is bad market for them because JAMB has limited the number of candidates to those who are truly eligible knowing that those 5 schools are competitive.

d.They are helping you so you don’t spend a year sitting at home after being denied admission by the top 5 when there are other schools who could have given you admission. Reduces the crime rate and pregnancy rate in my opinion.

e.How can you score 200 and be thinking of Unilag? I scored 270 in my time and still didnt make merit list. I made supplementary cos I knew someone.

f.This is a nice initiative. I just don’t support the private university option but it was necessary so the private universities don’t cry foul after all they are recognised by NUC. Its left to you to either go there or not.That still remains the best way to go about issues like this.

g.Tell me, if Mtn deducts #1000 from ur account will u carry cardboard to the guy who sold u the sim or will u give their customer care a call? #follow due Protocol! And life will be easier.

h.Still waiting for my telefone to fully charge before I start my missionary journey to finding Jamb office in Ikoyi. *My advice to Jambiters: do not stage any protest at these instuitions because it will eventually lead to rioting and when dem gbab you or break ya head skul don finish be that Ooo (besides the decision has been made and implementations has started too)…Just thread carefully and lastly, don’t fall for some cheap talkers tabi fraudsters dis time around! Go out there and source for the info you need to forge ahead because time don dey go already. Admission runs ends 31st of OCTOBER 2015!

i.I tried contacting Jamb with the phone numbers they gave, but you won’t believe they switched off their phones. One of the calls was forwarded to a strange number but it was cut off immediately. We all have to stand together against this injustuce. Try calling these numbers:


j.Trying to call JAMB? Very funny… Even when the this issue was not up, nobody picks. Their numbers simply don’t work. Have you tried sending an email to UTMERegistration.info@jamb.gov.ng.

k.Unilag is not responsible for your predicament in ANY way.This is totally the fault of JAMB.

l.Going for a protest in front of the school gate will change nothing. Do you expect them to force jamb to send them more names?

m.It’s the prospective students that are protesting, not Unilag students. TAKE NOTE!

n.Too many students want to attend UNILAG and the university cannot admit more than available space for new students.Many classes are overcrowded and many of the students are not getting the best education, but they don’t care, because they just want to be students and graduates of UNILAG. This is why they are protesting. Although I think they need to be at JAMB office, not unilag gate


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