CBT sample exam room

How will you compare the performance of candidates during this year’s Computer Based Tests with Paper Pencil Test?

You will recall that in 2012, we started PPT and CBT and what we call dual based test. In dual based test, the questions are given on the screen and they put the answer on paper. In PPT, we put the questions on paper and they answer them on paper, but for the CBT questions, they are on the screen; they provide the answers on the screen. In 2012, that’s when we started it. In 2013, we allowed it, the same in 2014. In 2015, we did the same. We have the data from at least our three years, trial before full blown CBT. We have discovered that every time, the CBT candidates were always performing better and this last full blown has also demonstrated that they are really performing better.

In terms of scores, don’t measure performance by scores alone but in terms of behaviour. Are they composing themselves in the examination hall? Are they really aware of what is going on? Have we really been able to cater for their problems? Have we been able to conduct exams for them seamlessly? These are things that we have done.

Let me tell you; one boy, Kingsley, a bright candidate, came here about six or seven weeks ago and he is visually impaired. He said he wanted to see me to thank me for giving the visually impaired the opportunity to do the exam and I said since we were having a management meeting, he should come in and say it in front of the management. He said he came to thank me and I said don’t thank me alone, thank all of them who are here for the opportunity given to you. According to him, he said he had taken the exam four times and the first three times he never scored up to 180 while the fourth time he did CBT, he scored 211. I said you scored 211 and he said yes. I have the tape and I can show it to you and I asked him where do you want to go and he said he wanted to study Law in the University of Jos, and I said Kingsley, 211 may not be able to take you to Law, however if they take you for any other Arts-related subject, please take it. And he said he will take it. I must confess that I almost wept for him and he was speaking impeccable English language. He never scored up to the cut off mark until this time and we said Kingsley, what problem did you encounter in the examination hall? He said no problem, that each time he had a problem, he would just tell the people that he needed somebody and he would get assistance to put him right and he practised before he started. I am just telling you how a visually impaired person performed better and the CBT helped him.

Don’t you think some of these people with special needs should be given special consideration in admission?

This was one of the issues I raised at the policy meeting. I listed people with special needs who should be given consideration for admission: people like albinos, visually impaired, physically challenged, Nigerians in Diaspora, foreigners who want to come to Nigeria to study and even prison inmates. I listed them and I told them these are people who you need to give consideration.

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