91. Teachers must help low achievers break the cycle of failure. Low performing students need the opportunity to revalue themselves. They need expressions with relevant methods. They need to conquer strategies that will result in understanding. Teachers need to recognize reluctant, remedial, strategic students. They must distinguish between students who cannot study and those who will never study though they can. Many students without obvious physical problems are actually disabled students because they can neither read nor add sums on their own properly.

92. A very strong library to offer a wide range of reading materials is essential. Set up young readers clubs backed up by books they can read. Please read the following:


b. https://mile2herald.wordpress.com/2014/09/18/inside-our-national-library-of-outdated-books/

93. Encourage students to read topics in advance and to contribute in class during daily lesson.

94. The earlier suggestion that students should stay longer in their classrooms with less brain-tasking but interesting programmes later in the day when their capacity to concentrate or assimilate might have been reduced is important. No matter what their situation is they will be better off staying a bit longer in classrooms than going home at 2pm as day students or their dormitories as boarding students. The proposal here is that the hours being spent at school by each student public or private be extended to 5pm daily. The added time need be spent to take care of the following:

Home work / Assignments
-Remedial studies in Maths and English and individual subject areas.

95. Saturdays also need be converted into a regular school day between 10 am and 3 pm. The day can be used for remedial studies and other academic – related activities. Muslims who might want their children out for afternoon Quoran lesson should be allowed because it is an academic – related activity too.

96. Goals and objectives of remedial studies need be identified. Use a Time Table and schemes of work. Measure achievement. Exclude students under remedial programs from regular continuous assessment. Let periodical measurements stand in instead. For such an arrangement to be useful objectives and expected goals must be realistic and related to new broad objectives for education.

97.For coordination of Remedial Studies there will be need to recruit extra hands especially of retired Education officers who are still physically fit. However, what matters most is quality time spent by students and teachers together after regular school hours. Remedial work must aim at improving on that.

98.As a matter of fact it has been discovered scientifically that there is some relationship between achievement and quality time spent together. Extended time initiatives have produced gains. The key seems to be longer time spent on study techniques and habits. It has therefore been proposed that tutors need have more training on remedial and mentoring techniques

99.Establish/Strengthen truly functional Education Support Services departments WHERE THEY EXIST all over the Federation. More notes will come up on this later.

100.There should be a Corp of EDUCATION ROAD MARSHALS to be on roads close to schools to help reduce lateness to school and to improve neatness especially of students from public schools whose uniforms sometimes look as if sewn by aliens.There should also be a set up of 3 strikes which can lead to suspension or invitation of one’s parents.

101.You had better believed most of the things itemized under this write-up. Only someone who has worked for long and deeply within our educational system can make some of the proposals we have put forward.

We shall be adding another set of related-proposals soon

Thank you



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