But three years later, with a new job and new employers I was back in Rio, this time for a real holiday with my wife.It was affordable because of a 7-day package for 2 by Varig Airlines. It allowed us know a little bit more of Rio. As dreamed, we walked the Copacabana promenade together happily taking a few pictures with our Kodak.

We visited the jewelers with me wearing a magnificient Babariga and the tallest Shagari cap you can ever imagine. My wife ,as usual, was looking very beautiful in her Nigerian native attire such that if you were told she was the Nigerian ambassador you were bound to have believed. After 8 years of marriage we had decided to change our wedding bands in Rio. But our attire had caught the fancy of the favela boys. We were aware they could be in the crowds milling in and out of shops so my wife carefully hung her bag in front of her where she was going to be aware of any funny movement or activity.But when they struck and emptied its content she never knew! Luckily for us they did not get our new bands or our money which were deeply “embedded” in my Babariga

The following day we took a trip to the statute of Christ the Redeemer at Corcovado which we found very touching. We also visited Pltaforma1 that night. Back in the hotel and while my wife was sleeping I decided to pen down our trip to the statute as follows:


Breakfast and frequent ‘Obrigado’ at (Windsor) Plaza Copacabana
Recalling another score and seven years this time
On our way to Othon Palace Hotel through Avenue Atlantica
To board tour bus taking us to the statute of Christ the Redeemer

We soon put Sugar Loaf far behind us on our way to Ipanema
Recalling on the bus the track by Frank Sinatra and the famous girl
We saw the bikinis catwalking the Copacabana promenade
We saw the g-strings on the girls from Ipanema but they never seemed to see us

Rue Jardim led us directly to the Corcovado mountains
And several miles of Miliken Hills with children looking underfed
Ford cars, Fiat, Chevrolet and Santanas, all made in Brazil
But the long and winding road was hardly wide enough for two buses to share

It’s a cloudy ,chilly and lonesome road to get to the redeemer
But green lushes everywhere around you. Surely, God rests here!
Do you attempt to worship, meditate or remember Philosophy here?
You are floating in the air around when the voice of the bus guide brings you back to earth

You switch transportation to a tram for the last leg of your journey to the statute
You again noticed like at Plataforma that tourists around you are from all over the world
Nigeria, Japan, India, USA, UK, Canada, France, Spain, Mexico and even Argentina
There are also joggers on the hill emulating long-distance runners of Kenya

Then Tijuca forests with more green lushes and waterfalls beckons you welcome to the Redeemer
As you emerge from the tram you see a sea of tourists and Coca Cola sun covers everywhere
Even there are beggars holding footballs! You also see restaurants and shops selling Brazilian artifacts
Then the statute of Christ the Redeemer! Its breath-taking. A marvelous piece of architecture

Its rather cloudy but my dear brothers and sisters welcome to another world!
Come in to experience the love of God through a statute constructed by human ingenuity
You look up the statute and you immediately feel the simple message of love passed down from on high
There are also huge bulbs or strobe lights pointing and flashing illumination upwards to help you
You go around the statute expecting to see Rio from there, but you see nothing!
It’s indeed a very cloudy day. Then you go back to the shops selling junk to pick a carved piece
Of the statute and some other memorabilia of your visit which you are keeping till today
After a few photos on Kodak, you offer a prayer of thanks to God that you were there by His love.


I feel really grateful to God for allowing me  finish this write-up about our trips to Brazil. It has been a project on my mind for almost 25 years. I am elated right now and can boldly say,thank God and Godwin!

In view of the coming 2016 Olympics i might add new notes later as follows:

1.The Favelas of Rio and Nigerian Olympic tourists

2.What i got to know about  THE GIRL FROM IPANEMA recently!

Till then, peace!


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