“And the Lord formed man of the ground
And breathed into his nostrils the
Breath of Life and man become a
Living soul”…Genesis Chapter 2 Verse 7

Its all in the book of life
Life’s elixir to many a- disease
We work, we search, we strife
We disregard the stock of grease
In our veins blocking our arteries
Now take back you life and inhale
Oxygen. For life is full of mysteries
My friend,carbon dioxide exhale
Clear the path of your wellness
Once a week blow your nostrils hard
Blow, my friend, blow out your sickness
Let the spine above your mouth be your guard
Inhale God’s love and exhale strife
At your desk, wheels or bed breathe life

NOTE-An ode is a poem that pays tribute to a person or an object. What do you like? Your car? Your house? Your bed? Pounded Yam? Valentine Day? Christmas? There are billions of things you can write an ode to. And it shouldn’t take very long at all.


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