This is a collection of common sense study tips, guides and words of hope used at our Mason and PASS Tutorial Colleges both situated at Festac Lagos over a period of more than 20yrs.Many of the tips were also extracted from educational works from within Nigeria and from experiences and suggestions made by international students and teachers from all over the world.This is therefore not fully our work.Thanks.


1.Drink lots of water before you study because it will help your brain cells cool down after school or classroom work. Even if you are having stress issues a glass of water will definitely help you.

2.Never have electronic devices such as tv, cell phone, Ipod/Ipad or any mp3/4 if you really want to study. If you do you are deceiving yourself

3.Write revision notes while studying. For a small fee we can give you more notes on how to do this effectively .

4. Whenever you do not feel like reading or cannot concentrate do not lose hope Move away from your study table and have some time to relax. Then go back and try again.

5.When you are at school block out everything from home that might be disturbing you. On the other hand when at home concentrate on your studies and block out anything from your school that might worry you

6.When in a noisy environment like a “face-me-i-face-you” or a block of flat where lots of noise is going on, use earplugs to block out any distraction. You probably already have one. If you don’t it doesn’t cost much to get one from street phone equipment vendors.

7.When taking a self-test or a class test and you get stuck on one question do not sit there hoping for the answer. Go ahead do the other ones you can solve. If you do not you might not finish within the time set.

8.If you are like some people and can’t get enough of your phone then record yourself on your phone reciting the notes as if you are doing so to a junior student you are trying to teach. Thereafter listen to yourself. Some say this method has helped them.

9.If you are reading a book and your mind keep wandering away. You are also wasting your own time. Go away from your table and try to resolve or clear up what is on your mind with a determination to avoid it when you restart. Then go back to your table.

10.Plan short breaks of about 10 minutes after every one hour of studies.



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