11.Have a study time-table for after-school hours. Make sure to include free time and time for favorite tv shows like the EPL and Champions League or reality shows and social events to make it easier to stick to. Having a time-table known and understood by your parents can help reduce tension at home about your studies when you decide to watch your favorite shows. But you also have to keep to your time-table to convince them.

12.Why put off till tomorrow what you can do today? Do not let procrastination make you lazy.See also paragraph 20 below.

13.If a coming test or exam is getting you nervous or sweaty there is no need to force yourself to read. Using your revision notes if well-prepared is enough to help you face the exam.

14.For difficult or challenging subjects skim in advance the next topic on your textbook pages before the next lecture.Do not do any deep study. Just have a few ideas about definitions and question types. Doing this will give you pointers about what to expect in class.

15.Sometimes use a mirror to teach yourself what you have learned. Do it as you understand it. How do you feel? Satisfied?

16.Do not copy the learning or studying style of anyone. Construct yours. Believe in it and stick to it. Every plan is based on trial and error process. The study techniques we teach you are subjective too. What might work for your friend might not for you and vice-versa.

17.When you want to take a test or exam in school look at it as a homework without textbooks or notebooks. Just try to remember what you have stored in your revision notes.

18.Do not postpone studying for WAEC/NECO/JAMB till the last minute, a few weeks or months before the exam. Have also an EXAM REVISION PLAN based on your study time-table long before the exam. For a small fee we are also ready to turn you into an expert on this.

19. The best time to study is late at night or very early in the morning. Specific times will have to depend on your other programs at home.

20.Also remember everything depends on your mind. It is your mind that can depress you and it is also your mind that can make you feel lazy. It is also the same mind you can use to lift yourself up.



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