21.When taking a test breathe in deeply and out extensively without attracting attention to yourself. Don’t worry about what you were not able to read.Try to remember the bit you have read.That bit can still make you look like a genius if you are lucky.

22.Remember that every student is different.You are not a fool. Many students regarded as lazy bloomed at some point in their lives and became great. Sir Winston Churchill is one. A Senior Advocate of Nigeria (SAN) also said teachers saw him as lazy. But is your bloom time here or just around the corner?

23.Create your own work place. or what is called a place of study.It can be at school or at home. It can be in a big house or a small one. It can even be in a bus on your way to school but not on an okada! There is no where you can not revise a few notes.

24.Remember that your brain can not work for long after school hours.So do not feel guilty if you can not do a lot if you try to study immediately you get home. And if you are not used to studying for a long time without getting off after 10 mins don’t push yourself too hard to sit for i hour all of a sudden as earlier suggested. Gradually work your way up over time adding a few more minutes every day or week. This way your body will get used to it gradually and work along with you.

25.You can also set a timer   for a designated  amount of time say every  15,20 or 30 minutes that will be comfortable for you to read and then stand up or stretch yourself or take a cup of cold water or put a sweet in your mouth.While the time you have set is on you must give attention to just one subject.

26.Avoid eating heavy food before study because  it will decide how much your brain can absorb like a sponge.Junk food intake has the same effect.

27.The worst place to study is on your bed because you can get too comfortable and not pay much attention to what you are reading.Read more here… https://edupedianigeria.wordpress.com/2013/10/16/doing-secondary-school-homework-in-front-of-tv-or-studying-in-bed-is-self-deceit/

28.Remember you are not lazy until you have figured out the kind of learner you are.Once you have done so you will be able to study in the most effective way. Some students like to study in a room with lots of  pictures on the walls. But where ever you decide to stay the most important point is to keep to your study time-table.

29.Believe in yourself always. But take action about STUDYING. Never give up! Do your best no matter what tunes your body wants to play to you.

30.Study from September or October of each academic year (that is from 1st term). Do it instead of saying that you still have many months ahead. You see, something is bound to happen later that may also force you to postpone your studies again leading to procrastination as mentioned earlier..Do it NOW and thereby create extra time for use later.




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