31. The problem of when to study is critical. Agood rule of the thumb is that studying should be carried out only when you are rested,alert, and have planned for it. Do not study because you want to please your parents which usually turns out to be a waste of time.

32. When you speak to yourself through the mirror give yourself a pep talk. Say things like “I CAN DO THIS”. And if you get low marks in any assignment or test don’t be discouraged to study.You should become more aware and learn from your mistakes. This writer did not know how to do this until he got to the university.

33.If you want to learn anything by heart again record yourself saying it on a phone and then hear yourself saying it over and over.

34.You need to learn how to use past questions to predict coming questions.For a small fee we shall also be willing to teach you how to do this.

35. Do your homework at school or right away when you get home.Don’t slack off because it will only get harder.

36. Always ask questions in class no matter what everyone or anyone might think. There is nothing like a right or wrong question. A question is a question coming from your need to understand what you are taught.

37. Try and get at least 60 to 90 minutes of study in a day at stretch or small dozes. But do not feel pressurized to study beyond your limit.

38. When you want to study clear your table of everything except your study materials.

39. If there is  anything else you like to do before studying,do it. You will be more focused afterwards.

40.Stop studying if you are no longer in the mood to.Always remember to reward yourself with doses of break periods



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