41. Never take your studies as a burden.If it becomes a burden it shows a lack of method and does not mean study itself is difficult. As long as there is a lack of method you will find it difficult to concentrate. The real point is that you need to make up your mind about where you are going in life and how you intend to get there.You are not studying for anyone else other than  you and your goals.

42. The way out is PRACTICE,PRACTICE and more PRACTICE. So just sit down and do WORK,WORK and more WORK! For any SS3 student any long or short break before your WAEC/NECO/JAMB exam becomes more and more strategic as the exams draw nearer

43.The shortcut to good result is to read systematically.But READ,READ and READ you must.When you read and your mind is flying try to recognize the  problem.Are you physically tired or just having concentration issues? Some students say they stay at their tables and eventually overcome their concentration problems.

44. Some students chew gum when studying.This may sound weird but a science project has proved that chewing gums  helps more oxygen to flow to the brain allowing it to increase your ability to memorize or remember.

45.Yes,studying can be hard but whether you like it or not,homework,tests,mock exams and the real ones are around the corner and normal if you call yourself a student.

46.Some students say they study at places which make them feel at peace such as a church,on the grass or under trees. As long as your church permits you studying at peaceful locations has been proved to  make readers have good feelings about their studies.

47. UIf you have brothers or sisters who need your attention while you want to study.Cooperate with them for about 2 to 5 minutes.Thereafter tell them that you need to study and want them to understand.

48. Returning to the issue of chewing gums we all remember old man Fergie at Man United.He was quoted to have said it helps him to concentrate on the game.

49. If you are sitting next to somebody who is distracting you in class. there lies your biggest  problem about studying.Change your seat or ask teacher if you could move.

50. When you study pick up a pen in your hand and use it to read word by word.This can also  increase your concentration.



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