51. For students who find it hard to get down to study, clear your table so that you have an empty space. Then sit down and try to clear your mind and you will be able to start afresh each time without studying whilst being stressed. You are more likely to work harder and see the result of your efforts.

52. This may sound weird but can also pretend you are going to teach someone what you are studying. If you are able to explain it clearly then you have succeeded. Self trust is the most important thing.

53. Success at studying is nothing but 99 percent adjustment and 1 percent perspiration. Adjustment means understanding your limits and adjusting to yourself and the environment where you are studying.

54. If there is a way you can turn study into game as we used to have with the proprietor of Mason College Festac after school hours It will be nice. Students tend to learn better if it is fun. So try having fun while studying at the same time.

55. You have to be physically, mentally and emotionally focused. Try to stay alert to what you read. Above all, be positive about yourself and not what people say about you. Tell yourself “And this shall eventually pas away. I will pass my exam and get ready to move on to a higher stage in life”

56. Always have a book in your hand. This will help you because you can study when you want to. Never allow laziness take you over because you are stronger than that.

57. Record quotations, or formulas or whatever you consider as important on your phone or IPod and play them when you are on your own or when eating or when about to sleep.

58. Note that once you are in Senior School it is never too early to learn study skills. The first rule you learn from study skills is to keep neat note books with all notes properly dated.

59. Concentrate on only 1 subject at a time.

60. Standing in front of a mirror to talk to yourself really works. But you can also sit at a table and talk a bit loud asking yourself questions from past examinations to know if you have enough facts in your revision notes to answer them. If it is  multi-choice exam and you do not know the answer, make fun of yourself as if in a game reality show with the host’s voice. You will enjoy doing this.



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