61. Many students prefer to study alone early in the morning. Get pro active with your study materials. In doing so some speak with some raised voice in their rooms teaching themselves while walking. Sometimes if you just sit you don’t study so you keep moving here and there and with nobody to disturb you

62. Study, Study, Study.
But always take a break
Or you’ll have a headache!

63. Studying is important. But school shouldn’t be all work and no play. Spend some time in co-curricular activities. Play in the school band or choir. Act on stage or sing for fun. Then you will feel better when you go back to studying.

64. Please believe me when I tell you to read your notes when you have extra time like between classes or during lunch.

65. When you are in SS3 organize and bind all your notes from SS1 together. Once done you have taken a huge step towards facing JAMB, WAEC / NECO in your final year.

66. Always keep a dictionary with other study materials on your table.

67. If you write with your right hand then close the left hand and you will realize something magical. But I won’t tell you.

68. Many so-called lazy students become so because they roam in their minds while keeping their books in their hands.

69. Cultivate the habit of good – hand writing because it can fetch you higher marks. Teachers are human and they can get moved when they have to work hard to read what you write.

70. It is all in your head. Confidence is the key to succeeding as a student and in life.



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