111.Get a copy of the syllabus or scheme of work of the subjects you are studying. It usually states everything you need to know and is also a guide to what is going to come in the examination. For WAEC / NECO exams there is what is called the Chief Examiners Guide. Read also past question papers and formulate your own likely questions. Use these according to your time-table and you are guaranteed to pass.

112. Don’t neglect short periods of time or islands of time during the day. You can also study in school or at weekends.

113. Always be organized about your study at home. Make sure you know where your study materials are. You don’t want to waste time searching for things when you need them. Also put things back in their places when done.

114. When you feel you are procrastinating too much just sit down take some deep breaths and begin to write a detailed account or schedule of what you are going to do and when you are going to do it. It helps a lot and after every task you will feel satisfied once you cross it out as completed. Between long tasks take a 5 minutes breaks.

115.Plan your time effectively, or as people say ,if you fail to plan you plan to fail.

116. Make sure you are in school each day. Stop talking illnesses where there is none just because you want to be left alone at home. Never miss a lecture because it will be difficult for you to follow at the next one.

117. Student:”My mum always tells me to WORK HARD, STUDY HARD and HAVE FUN. With that I passed my examination and got admitted to my dream University. O A U.|

118. Try to complete and hand in your class assignments on time. This give the teacher a very favorable opinion of you. In some schools late submissions can cost you marks. So do not delay. Get started when you have to till you get it done.

119. Don’t sit around worrying about the work you have to do. Get on with it!. If you worry about it you’ll get nervous and then make more mistakes. You’ll feel better when you get it done.

120. Reading your notebook or textbook need some enhancement to become more useful to you. You must write what you understand from your reading into a REVISION NOTEBOOK. This is the only practical way for a student to apply his reading in his student life.



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