71. It is best to study sitting on  a supportive chair with a high back rest. It keeps the blood flowing properly.

72. Teachers do not dash out grades. You must EARN them. You need to understand this and stop depending on ODU or RUNZ

73. Pleas start your studies with some positive self – talk. By doing this your mind will set itself to carry out the given task. When you start with a negative our mind weakens itself and gets discouraged from achieving the goal.

74. Keep faith in yourself. Don’t give up. Hard work in school will give you a better life.

75. You must have control over yourself. Forget all your tensions and use a refreshed mind at study time. Go ahead and clear all your doubts with proper study and examination skills. Just relax and take it easy.

76. You must understand before you memorize or use mnemonics. Be practical at studies and not theoretical. Avoid interruptions.

77. Be more serious about school. Try your hardest  to make genuine effort to understand study skills and apply them. Be determined to succeed. Be positive. Say “I CAN DO THIS”. And remember most teachers like to be asked questions.

78. The weekend is important for your studies too. Ensure you include the weekend in your study time-table and watch the most relevant EPL matches which are dear to your heart.

79. Never study by force. Always keep in mind that you are not studying for anyone else other than you.

80. Home work must always come before TV and house hold chores.



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