81. Here is what a student had to say “I’m lazy and like to sleep a lot. So each day when I get back from school I make sure I do my homework, study according to my time table and set out my clothes and all that I need for school the next day. This way I get extra sleep each morning and still get to school on time.”

82. You should never try to be the best of all. Just try to give your best. It will gradually take you to the top. Trust me it will work. Like magic. Feed your brain with oxygen and vegetables,avoid heavy starchy foods. Do not do drugs or smoke tobacco. Do things to improve your memory power during your exams.

83. It is important to have enough sleep. Get at least 6 hours each day. But do it for the purpose of refreshing your mind for the next day at school.Stop watching late night football reviews or matches.

84. Stop underlining every paragraph in your textbook! Some students underline so many things like some people do of their bibles and the most important things get missed by them. Have the highlighter in your bag. Any important point should be entered into your revision note.

85. My dear student, I know it is hard to stay awake always and listen to some dull teachers the whole time. But ask questions to keep yourself awake if you are getting drowsy. No matter how important or relevant. Help your teacher to make your class livelier or to make some subjects more interesting.

86. Just be who you are and no one else. Its cruel to be too hard on yourself. But each day write out what you have to do in school the following day. Then cross them out once done. This takes only  a few minutes but it helps you to be organized in your own way.

87. You need to have a positive outlook on what you want to do in life to be all you can be.

Here are what some students had to say

88.”I eat a fruit or some nuts before I start studying to get my brain working. One piece of orange or a few pieces of groundnuts can help you.”

89.” Spelling is very tough for me. But keep a small – sized dictionary with you or in your bag always. And remember to check a few words daily.”

90. If you are lazy only you can motivate yourself out of it. And you can do it in a moment like switching on a light bulb on a wall.



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