121. Don’t get bogged down or disturbed by other students when you are in class. Focus yourself so that only the teacher and the study materials are visible to you.

122. Note that when you are studying your mind is likely to work faster than when you are eating food.

By other  students;

123.”I learned to BE PREPARED when I was a boy scout. I learned this again when I failed my WAEC and JAMB exams in SS3. I got to understand later to always prepare for classes in advance. You get much more by reading before going to your classes. Now I am in a University.”

124. “I am a firm believer in ‘There’s a place for everything and everything its place. I am now super-organized after behaving as a lazy student for many years. I know I don’t want to waste study time looking for the materials I need. I use shelves, drawers, cupboards at home to keep things together next to each other. This worked for me during day school days and now in the university. An organized mind will always be a great mind.”

125. We need not to study hard but rather we should study smart.If you check WAEC website you’ll find that quotation on one of its pages with a relevant pic.Do not force yourself to learn anything. And before i forget, wash your face before you study!

126.  Learn how to sit down in the front row of your class.It really helps. That way there are no distractions between you and the teacher. The further back you sit the more your classmates in front of you will distract you.

127.It is better to study a particular subject intensively in a day and not studying 3 or 4 subjects.Focusing on one subject at a time will enable you to cover more instead of putting too much stress on the brain.

128. Do not doubt yourself. It is your doubts that make you look lazy. Whenever you study please study with all your heart. Never accumulate doubts about whether you can pass your exams . Or you can note down your doubts and discuss with a teacher or your parents. Self confidence,again, is the key to doing better in all things.

129. When you take multi-choice tests or exams go through and answer those you know first. Then go back to work on the others. Don’t stop to work for too long on the difficult ones. If you do you probably won’t get to others you can get right. (see our notes about how to pass JAMB)

130. If you are reading this and you find it unappealing going to school daily, never say you cannot do it. Always say you can do it. Trust yourself  because yes you can.You can enjoy school.Just take a decision to organize yourself as shown in these write-ups and everything else will fall in line.



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