131. Here is what another student said: “Sometimes before studying I think of a glorious scene such as sitting at the Bar Beach and water washing my feet. Then I feel the wave of refreshment in my body and especially my mind. I continue this for at least 2 minutes and then am ready for any sort of hard studies.”

132. Unless a student focuses on his or her purpose for studying little is achieved. Ask yourself “What is my purpose?” Firmly place in your mind. “I MUST,I CAN,I WILL”. Never never give up.No matter how difficult studying is, try to do it.

133.Exams can really be stressful especially if you forget important points while in the examination hall.But you can be strategic by summarizing your answers in points at the beginning of the exam.

134. You must keep to the time you set aside for studies. For example if you decide to study for 2 hours, first do your homework and the time you have left in your two hours block should be given to one subject or divided between two subjects you need to study.

135. When in an examination hall do not try to be the first one to finish. It is not a race. If you try to do so it can lead to panic and you get sloppy. Sometimes in my class one student finishes and then its like everybody starts to finish at the same time. Like when popcorn starts to pop in the microwave. Ignore them. Take your time or just go … to your own plan.

136. If there is a soccer match involving a team you are a fan of do not start to study before or during the match. You wont be able to concentrate until the match is over.

137. Another student suggests as follows: “Here is what I do for each subject. If I am studying Government or Economics I use a two pages taken from the center of my University (Big) exercise book. I write “Government” in the center circle. Then I draw 16 or 24 lines from the center for each chapter and write the name of the chapter on the line. Then for each chapter I draw 10 lines and write and important point in each. Then it is very easy to visualize the subject – even in an exam hall.”

138. Usually when you pay attention to your classmates instead of the teacher you tend to forget about what they say wont be part of the test or exam. Listen to them only when the teacher wants the class to talk!

139. Listen to another student: “I read articles about many sports stars and most of them said they always knew they had ability but they had to practice and practice to make sure they played up to their abilities. The same goes for school. You have to study and study to learn up to your ability.”

140.Be careful how you prepare your REVISION NOTEBOOK.You have to really personalize it such that it can help you to recall information when you need it. Some students have actually sat down to take tests and could not recall any of the facts they needed. But some of them said when they calmed down they were able to remember their notes along with the symbols and doodling on different pages!



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