141. If you are in an exam hall and you start to feel stressed up. Stop. Put your feet firmly on the ground stand straight and take a deep breath. It will release you from the stress.

142. When an Idea comes to your mind during studies do not be distracted. A lot of people get all sorts of ideas about other things in their lives when they are studying. Just write them down on a pad beside you and go on studying. When you are through with your programmed studying then you can think further or follow up on things you have put down on your pad. Meanwhile you would already have achieved your aim.

Three students had these to say:

143.”This is how I make sure I concentrate when I study. As soon as I sit to study, I draw a square on a sheet of white paper beside me. I say to myself what I am going to do like read 30 pages or 2 chapters for 1 hr. My mind still wonder when I study but each time it does I put a dot in the square. I try to get less dots each time I study afterwards.”

144.”I watch my teacher closely for clues about what is important. Some teachers start moving their eyes all around the class. Some raise their voices and some start to make sure what they wrote on the board is very correct. When this happen I underlined what they say in my class notes.”

145. “I kept finding that I got a headache after I studied for about an hour. I put in a stronger bulb for my desk lamp and that was it. No more headaches. So make sure you have enough light so you won’t have to your eyes. Or maybe you need glasses or you need to check with your glasses at night.”

146. Your brain is like a file cabinet if you try to cram everything in at once you wont be able to remember anything later because everything is disorganized. Organize your “File cabinet” with a study (topics) calendar.

147. Do not panic when others try to boast about how well they are prepared for the examination. Have confidence in yourself.

148. Make friends with the students who get high marks and those who don’t always get high marks but simply have the passion and want to do their best. This will help you get in the right mind-set for studying and help you to keep competitive. Remember friends influence you greatly if you don’t wish to become their good friends then at least meet them often and respect them.

149. When you are studying pull your ear lobes every 5 minutes because it makes your brain active. Just pull 2 or 3 times on each occasion.

150. Always be cool and relaxed. Ask your teacher about your doubts then and there. Don’t keep problems in your mind. If you have any problems express them to your parents and teachers. Try to understand meanings and concepts as you study. If you are weak in any subject spend more time on that subject. If you come across any new word immediately use a dictionary to find out the meaning.



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