151. Do not think about  reading or doing something. Just do it! Do not think about when you should start. Get started!

152. To study effectively one has to “breathe” the subject. That is to say for the time when you have your subject at hand you must totally be engrossed in it. You must involve all your senses into the subject. Seeing / Viewing / Reading / Writing /Speaking /Reciting/Listening (to what has been read and spoken)/Sharing (with your study partners). If you follow this you can be a master of the subject at hand and will never forget the concepts.

153. At a designated time each day set up a “tune out” time. So there will be no interruptions. Turn off your hand phone, cell phone, T.V, computer, and CD, DVD player. A designated place with desk and proper lighting, plus a bottle of water, seems to work best. The study strategy is to read and takes notes for 15 – 30 minutes, then take a break. Put in no more than 2 hours (less if possible) each night to avoid a buildup of stress. This about sums up what has been suggested  by different tips already listed.

154. Never waste any free time at school. While waiting for any event ,you can look at your revision booklet. You can scan your notes and try to refresh the facts all the time.

155.” One of the biggest problems is to have too much stuff on one’s desk. This takes away work space and makes it harder  to find the things you need. Get rid of the biros and pencils you don’t need for your work. One time I counted 14  biros, markers, pencils,erasers sitting all over my desk. Don’t keep things like keys or  lower naira currency notes on your table. Put all away.Allow your table breathing space!

156. Try to teach yourself how to study too and experience the power of being in control of your studies .

157. Do not study according to what your friends say.Note that learning how to study is a first step away from peer pressures.Many students don’t even recognize peer pressure .Others don’t want to do  anything about it when they get to know!

158. Repetition of habit is the key to learning. Always take a long breath when you feel tensed up.

159. Before studying close your eyes take a deep breath and offer a little prayer to God for understanding of what you are about to read. This will help you to increase your concentration. While you study don’t think about anything except studying.

160. Keep your school bag neat. Clear it out once every week or every fortnight. Don’t just continue to dump in all your papers and stuff. Arrange things in the bag. Such arrangement might be worth it when you are in a rush.



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