161. Writing comes from your imagination. When writing an essay you have to be creative. You need to go up and beyond all possible things. Make things that are impossible possible . Its your story.

162. When you study turn your clock to the wall or set an alarm. This is to make sure that you do not continue to watch the clock to see how much time you have spent. What is important is how much you learned in that time.

163. When you write a persuasive essay don’t just show why your position is right. You have to also show why other positions are wrong.

164. When taking multi-choice exams make sure you have ALL your questions answered. If you don’t know an answer, pick the answer that seems right.

165. You can study ANYWHERE but obviously some places are better than others e.g. libraries or houses where the student has a private room. But if you are really determined there is no place and under what ever noise you cannot study. We have mentioned the use of ear plugs in a noisy environment.

166. Tell your parents your time for study or agree your private study time-table with them first so they don’t disturb you.They are usually happy not to if they know what you are doing

167. Never let anyone distract you from your school work, boyfriend, girlfriend, best friend or “besto”, siblings etc. If you do then you will never get anything accomplished. Always put your school work first no matter what. Your friends can not get you into a good University but your education will. It’s good to have friends but make sure your school work and education is at the top of your list.

168. Studying is the best way to get good results and then a good job or career. Tell yourself you want to do well and feel all the advantages a good education can bring. Do not give in to your friends not to study but to engage in examination malpractices. Get yourself organized and don’t look back.

And what are other students saying?

169. “I used to just sit and make goals but then didn’t do anything. So I am going to follow the advice of my parents. A good study tip is when you play value play and when you work value work. Do the things that you are doing with interest. No one can raise your interest level for you!”

170. “I had great difficulty in managing my time. I wasted my time unnecessarily. I had to find a solution. So I prepared a study time-table with the help of my parents. The first few days I couldn’t keep up with the timetable. But I kept on trying and eventually succeeded.”



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