171. Apart from your weekly study time-table you should have a meticulous plan of study according to months and weeks to the exam. Always keep your strength and weak points in focus. Keep also time in mind. Try to attend to your weak areas long before your exams.

172. Here is a simple fact. Students who sit at the front of the class do better than students who sit at the back.Always try to sit up front. You can focus on the teacher and see the writing on the chalk-board easily. Add that you will not be distracted by a lot of students in front of you.

173. Don’t get too tensed to read. All subjects were invented by human beings, so why should you fear to read. Everything can be made easily by the use of our minds. Make your mind easy to learn your subjects. Study with both your heart and brain.

174. You can also use the textbook reading methods like SQ4R. Leave 10 minutes every day for games like scrabble, chess and Sudoku which helps to increase your IQ level. Practice deep breathing for mind relaxation.

175. Don’t obsess over being a little nervous about an upcoming exam. That’s actually good since it will keep you studying. The thing is not to be so scared that you can’t even think straight.When you get to be like this take a break and do a fun thing for a while.

176. Exam is not about what you KNOW but what you SHOW. You may have full KNOWLEDGE but if you fail to SHOW it in your answer the KNOWLEDGE won’t help you get a good grade.

177. Everyone says you should concentrate on studies but no one tells you how to concentrate on the art of living. Courses teach you techniques but it’s up to you to use them well.

178. I believe in myself and I tell myself that I can do it because I know I can do it even before I begin any assignment.

179. You have to trust yourself. Those who have achieved academic success are not better than you.

180. You must also work on how to remember what is in your revision notes.



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