181.The important thing with studying is to always ,always, always repeat. REPETITION is the key. When you learn something get home and write it down. Recite it a few times if you can and keep your subject notebooks and revision notebook safe. Always make revision notes if studying for an exam and go back to its pages REPEATEDLY. All you have to do is go over them. Remember the following: REPEAT, REVISE,REPEAT, then WRITE.

182. I f you have something that scattered your mind, as we say, then tell this to yourself: “I AM HERE AND NOW! I HAVE TO BE HERE COMPLETELY”. Also remember the quote from Henry Ford: “WHETHER YOU CAN DO A THING OR NOT. YOU ARE RIGHT”

183.Make sure that even if any teacher or subject or sibling or friend make you angry you will work hard for grades that will help you get admitted to a university.

184. Study continuously. Cramming may seem to work for a short time but you will not reach your full potential.

185.A student said “when I felt that a subject like maths was too hard I used to fail the exam. But then I decided to forcefully challenge my attitude and I found that the subject was easier than I thought. The moral is that the way we think can affect how we do things. So think positively.

186. Whenever you start studying think about something you wish to conquer and extract everything relevant to it from what you are going to read. Find confidence, don’t lose your patience. Understanding may take a while but in time it will definitely happen. Also know your concentration span.

But other student had these to say:

187.” The problem that some of us have is that we don’t understand what we read and are scared to ask questions .But I have learned that asking questions is the best help you can get from anybody. So don’t be scared. SO STAND UP AND SPEAK OUT FOR YOURSELF. YOU WILL REALLY FEEL GOOD AFTER. I PROMISE”

188. “I had trouble studying but what really helped me was writing facts down in my revision notes and going over them a few times. Whatever I study I MUST WRITE DOWN became a motto for me.

189.Keep your mind strong on a goal which can inspire you to study. Let it be a driver for driving you to study hard . A strong will power with a positive approach will take you to your goal.

190. Hard work without concentration is like trying is like trying to fill a basket with water. The volume of water or time of attempt will take you nowhere.


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