191. If your mind starts to drift while studying stop and say to yourself. “BE HERE NOW” then continue your studying.

Two students had these to say:

192.”I try to study often but sometimes I just don’t succeed. But I do not let it get me down thinking or trying to remember things that I think I should know. Instead I just go over the things I know. I can always look things over to next day and just hope for the best. I always try my hardest no matter how much I think I don’t know.”

193.”I believe that repetition is essential for learning. I write important information,facts, and formulas in a revision note-book. I carry it with me and go through it when I have some lose time. This can be between classes or if I finish lunch before the period ends. It’s amazing how much loose time can be turned into study time doing a day.”

194. Don’t postpone your studies. There are many factors around us that can get in your way or during your studying. It is essential to not give in to them.

195. Our brain is much more powerful than we usually think. If anything can change you in your life that will be your brain. Only studying can activate and drive your brain over a long journey.

196. Most of you may feel studying is a major task. But the truth is that it is a small task in front of you if you have confidence in yourself.

197. Always try to study using a table lamp. It helps to build a lot of concentration because your field of viewed is reduced to a table on which your book is placed.

198. When writing an essay avoid verbal rambling and falling off the topic.

199. Never let failure break you down. Be patient with your studies.

200. Revision is a very important part of studying. Set time for both studying and revision in your timetable. When an exam approaches and revision takes over you will not be worried because you would have gained full confidence leading to good results.



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