The last post ended with what should have been the end of our “200 Realistic Study Points.”However there are added comments to the write-ups as follows:

a.Please take note of our introduction and acknowledgement of sources used. It is stated on the first post of the write-ups.

b.The original title we gave these write-ups was “200 ADDITIONAL STUDY TIPS FOR LAZY STUDENTS FROM OTHERS WHO WERE LIKE THEM.” But we changed the title to avoid turning some students off.

c.We have other more structured write-ups on study and examination techniques for WAEC/NECO and JAMB .We have posted some of them on our blogs and more are on the way.

d.Because of repeated points on some of the posts we have sourced for 20 more study tips divided into 10 each in this post and the next.

201. Checking past questions, and marking schemes cannot be over-emphasized. Looking at these provide insight about what might be covered by the exam, and especially of samples of earlier tests / exams by the teacher preparing the current year’s exam. If the library does not store these you or your friends may have older siblings who have taken the same exam you will be taking and have kept their tests.

202. Do not study among sleeping people. If you do you will get sleepy too.

203. Write your goal and paste it on the door by your room where you can see it every morning once you wake up. It may help to give you confidence to study early in the morning too.

204. When you are sitting and studying every once in a while bounce your legs around. This helps the blood flowing,your concentration and remembering.

205. Whenever you are in a good mood is a good time to study. If you study when your mood is muddy, you will not be able to make head or tail out of the information in front of you.

206. If you are not that friendly with the process of studying and it’s always hard for you to sit there, open your books and start studying . The best is to just Do IT! Seriously the more you think about it the less motivated you’ll be to start doing it. But if you just do it you’ll see that it’s not really, that hard. So before you give yourself enough time to think and let go of it, START DOING IT!.

207. Do not bother to study on the day of your exam. Round up studying 24 – 48 hours before the day. But hold your pocket Revision notes for quick references. Studying on the day of the test or exam will give you stress.

Here are suggestions from two students:

208.” I want to tell you that I was not having any interest in studying myself. I used to skip classes and I got just passing marks or sometimes failed. But one day I made a personal resolution to give my best effort and show that even I can study well. I have not looked back since then and you can do so too.”

209. “When I get up I sit at least 30 minutes studying and then get ready for school. After returning from school,I follow my studying time-table. I try to do my homework if not yet done in school. I also check whatever was taught that day and keep 15 minute in between as break.

210. Study groups can be a good things if you are careful. If you join a group that is not serious and just kind of messes around, you’re wasted your study time. Then you have to find more time to study on your own. Join a group of serious student s only. That is make sure you study with people who won’t goof off so you actually get some work done.


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