211. Summary of what we have told you:Be attentive in class. Listen and try to understand.Ask all your questions to the teacher before leaving class. Don’t wait to cram when the exam is around. Every day revise the part you learned the other day. Try to recall it to put into your long-term memory. Do all the work regularly and if you find anything difficult to learn write it out until you learn it. Avoid all distractions when learning.Have a revision note book.For examinations you must also have a revision plan before the exam and a delivery plan in the examination hall.

From fellow students like you:

212.”As for me I like to lie on the floor in my room and lock up myself until I have finished studying. I lock up my door so that I will not be tempted to leave.”

213.”Before I can study after school I must have a shower and change into comfortable clothes. Sometimes even my pyjamas. Then I sit down with a snack and full water bottle. Then I can start to study. Doing this helps me to relax.”

214.”I find that motivational quotes help to start and keep studying. Here is one of my favorites “You can’t win the race until you start running.”

215.”Teenage years can be very stressful. What with high demands and competition! I deal with stress by instituting a routine that I stay with. I know when classes are, when for study, when to exercise and so forth. I don’t have to worry about what to do at any given time.”

216. It is all about interest. If you have interest in the subjects you are studying, you don’t have to think about how and when to study. So before doing any studying try to make yourself interested in the subject. But the main thing in studying is consistency. You should have the power of persistency inside you.

217. I think that even though the school system makes it seems like getting good grades is more important than learning itself, always remember that school is still about learning. Of course you have to focus on getting good grades while studying, but when you see studying for an examination or test, you’ll probably become more motivated and enjoy studying more. Please, if you realize it, maybe you’ll even “stress” about your grades less.

218. Using analogy is very powerful. Our brain loves images and that’s how it likes to remember things. You don’t need to be a genius to train your memory. You just need to imagine the crazier, weirder and amusing your imagination, the better you will be at remembering.

219. Stop having interest in the looks or wears of your teacher. Some students even day-dream about their female and male teachers in class. What is most important is to listen carefully to everything he or she says.

220. If you were a model student. You would pay attention in class and listen to teachers instead of goofing off. Follow what the teacher is saying about the topic he /she is going over. Take notes. Ask questions. Most importantly give the teacher your undivided attention. Then you will have a good idea of what to expect in tests and school exams. You will of course then know what to study or review. Students say they have studying problems when really it comes down to how much they pay attention in class.


So please note that it is not studying that is hard but the way you allow your mind/brain process it into an attitude for you.

Good luck

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