6.According to me it is a vice versa approach. If the book is good people will flock to the movies to watch it. And if the movie is nice the book sales sky rockets.I feel some writers now a days write books after a movie deal with producers which kills it for people who like to have a good read

7.Well, I think books and cinema go hand in hand , in a way – they are both forms of entertainment. When I read a book, i visualize it in my mind (which I am sure all of us book worms love to do). So once a movie based on the book is released, I am very excited to see how good /accurately I visualized it and if the movie has all the scenes which book talks about. Its all good fun for me 🙂

8.I have a twist of thought on this. On one hand movies from books are a bad idea and there are reasons I have read here that make up mine as well, but also, if we’re to teach our kids to read, it doesn’t help to make the very books they read into movies as when they are called on to do a book report, will it be based on the book or movie version? Books like “Gone With The Wind” “War and Peace” and “Dune” are so long in the page and short in pictures that it’s about as dry as the paper it’s written on. Having seen “Dune” and “GWTW” once it was made in movies (small or large screen) it helped to see the book in action and the characters were a bit more personable rather than relying on a character met on page 10 who isn’t in focus until page 50 of the book; by then the character is lost in the pages until page 258 when they are suddenly killed. The book is 600 pages long, so who remembers by page 443 why he died and is now back from the dead haunting his killer? It just isn’t always practical to read such books and not see the movie. It spoils the ending but at least you get there within the 3 hours of watching rather than the 6 months of reading.If I am reading the same book for two months no matter what the length is, it must be pretty boring. I do understand what you mean.You can’t possibly condense a 1000+ page book/series into a 2 hour movie. Readers get a better handle on the story and characters than movie goers.

9.I cannot see blowing through War and Peace or Dune in under a couple of months, as Rhodes has said, it’s so dry and at times real slow going. I do agree about the kids reading too, it’s hard when the book becomes a movie. Takes out the purpose of books when it comes to learning how to read. Isn’t fair either that the classics have been done to death as movies or television/cable shows.

10.A lot of people never even read the book before seeing the movie, so I think doing a good job with the film is fine and actually might encourage some moviegoers to subsequently pick up the book. Hollywood is running out of good, original ideas, so if they want to borrow from a bestseller, I say have at it. It sure beats another stupid romantic comedy.




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