1.…Othello in Three Minutes

2.… Shakespeare’s Othello summary

3.…Othello – Orson Welles

4.…Othello – Performed by Mixed Magic Theater

5.…Otello – Wichita Grand Opera – COMPLETE


1.In my opinion the number of film adaptations of books that are good can be counted on the fingers of one hand – the vast majority of books are a million times better than the films made of them. There is at least one best selling author who agrees with me because he now refuses to sell film rights.

2.Books are more detailed, there is no doubt about it. Based on that alone, they’ll be favored by their movie counterparts. Most of the people who flog to the theaters don’t really care about missing details – the people who care are the ones who have read the books.There are benefits of making movies out of books being that most movie goers don’t care one way or another how faithful the movies are to the books, I think the bad outweighs the good.Movies have a far bigger reach than books. Not that many people read books these days. If the movie is well made and generate a decent amount of buzz, the author gains popularity they wouldn’t in publishing alone. More publicity means more book sales, bigger deals etc

3.I agree totally that movie goers do not care if the movie is based on a book or not as long as it is entertaining enough.Although I personally feel that a lot of times critical points are omitted from the movie. Also books gives the readers the opportunity to use their imagination and picturize everything in their mind as a movie.The adaptations are just the imagination of the script writer and the director. It works the other way too – if a movie does well the book sales shoot up. The biggest example is Harry Potter series.

4.I think so much of it depends on how well the book is interpreted – which seems to often involve making it completely different from the book. For instance i can quite happily watch the James Bond films and read the books – and the 2 generally are totally different – in emphasis if nothing else.I think one reason I generally hate films of books is because it is so difficult to do well – film professionals tend to look for some formula and it doesn’t work like that – I mean look at silence of the lambs which is one of the very few film of books I like and compare it to Hannibal – same film team, same author, same characters – and yet this time the film misses the book completely (I found the book so disturbing it took me over a year to finish – books that length i generally read in days).It is possible to make a film of a book – its just a lot lot harder than most of the film world credits and all too often they fail – and all too often they dont seem to mind that failure so long as the film makes money. The authors dont seem to care if their work is butchered so long as someone pays big money to butcher it.

5.The Harry Potter films were total pants and I cannot count the number of young people i have met who have decided not to read the books because they have seen the films. When the first books came out and everyone was raving about the books – especially about the adults reading them it got people, both children and adults, to read books who had not bothered before – it put books into the ascendency……until the films came along. Then people just went back to waiting for the film – and then not being impressed.How many people who have seen the likes of The Da Vinci Code then chose not to read the book?



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